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1. What will Dorothy do on the weekend?

A. Go out with her friend.

B. Work on her paper.

C. Make some plans.

2. What was the normal price of the T-shirt?


B. $30.

C. $50.

3. What has the woman decided to do on Sunday afternoon?

A. To attend a wedding.

B. To visit an exhibition.

C. To meet a friend.

4. When does the bank close on Sunday?

A. At 1:00 pm.

B. At 3:00 pm.

4. At 4:00 pm.

5. Where are the speakers?[来源:学科网ZXXK]

A. In a store.

B. In a classroom.

C. At a hotel.



6. What do we know about Nora?

A. She prefers a room of her own.

B. She likes to work with other girls.

C. She lives near the city center.

7.What is good about the flat?

A. It has a large sitting room.

B. It has good furniture

C. It has a big kitchen


8.Where has Barbara been?

A. Milan

B. Florence

C. Rome

9.What has Barbara got in her suitcase?

A. Shoes

B. Stones

C. Books


10. Who is making the telephone call?

A. Thomas Brothers

B. Mike Landon

C. Jack Cooper

11.What relation is the woman to Mr. Cooper?

A. His wife

B. His boss

C. His secretary

12..What is the message about?

A. A meeting

B. A Visit to France

C. The date for a trip


13.Who could the man Speaker most probably be?

A. A person who saw the accident

B. The driver of the lorry

C. A police officer

14. What was Mrs. Franks doing when the accident took place?

A. Walking along Churchill Avenue

B. Getting ready to cross the road

C. Standing outside a bank

15.When did the accident happen?

A. At about 8:00 am

B. At about 9:00 am

C. At about 10:00 am

16. How did the accident happen?

A. A lorry hit a car

B. A car ran into a lorry

C. A bank clerk rushed into the street


17. What is the talk mainly about?

A. The history of the school

B. The courses for the term

C. The plan for the day

18.Where can the visitors learn about the subjects for new students?

A. In the school hall

B. In the science labs

C. In the classrooms

19.What can students in the practical areas?

A. Take science courses

B. Enjoy excellent meals

C. Attend workshops

20.When are the visitors expected to ask questions?

A. During the l unch hour

B. After the welcome speech

C. Before the tour of the labs



6.A7.C 8.A 9.A 10.B






21.You are a team star! Workingwith is rally your cup of tea.[来源:学科网]

A. both B.either C. others D.the other


【解析】考查代词。both两个都;either二者之一;the other表示两个中的另一个;others其他人。句意为:“你是个善于合作的人,与他人共事,对你来说没有一点问题。”

22.No matter how low you consider yourself, there is always someone you wishing they were that high.

A. getting rid of B. getting along with

C.1ooking up toD. Looking do wn upon

23.一How did you like Nick’s performance last night?

一To be honest, his singing didn’t to me much.

A.appeal B. belong C.refer D.occur

23. 答案A

【解析】考查短语动词。belong to属于;refer to涉及,参考;occur to想到;appeal to意为“对……有吸引力”符合句意“你认为昨晚尼克的表演如何?”“说实话,他的演唱并不太吸引我”。

24.一Do you know if Linda is willing to take charge of the program?

,does it?

A. It takes no time B. It counts for nothing

C.It doesn’t hurt to ask D.It doesn’t,t make sense

25.I haven’t seen Sara since she was a girl,and she has changed beyond .

A. hearing B. strength C. recognition D. measure

25. 答案C

【解析】考查名词。Hearing听力;strength力量;recognition认出,别人;measure尺寸;beyond recognition意为“辨认不出,面目全非”,符合句意“Sara小时我就没有看到过她了,她已经变得我认不出来了。”

26.Bob would have helped usyesterday,but he .

A. was busy B.is busy C had been busy D.will be busy

26. 答案A


27.It was from only a few supplies that she had bought in the village

the hostess cooked such a nice dinner.

A. where B.that C.when D. which

28. 一Were you surprised by the ending of the film?

一No. I the book, so I already knewthestory.

A. was reading B. had readC. am readingD. have read



29.The engineers are so busy that that have zero time for outdoor sports actives, they have the interest.

A. whereverB. wheneverC. even ifD. as if

29. 答案C

【解析】考查从属连词。wherever无论哪里;whenever无论何时;as if似乎;even if意为“即使”符合句意“工程师们都很忙,他们没有时间进行户外运动,即使他们有这样的兴趣”。

30. , she is the sort of woman to spread sunshine to people through her smile .

A. Shy and cautious B. Sensitive and thoughtful

C. Honest and confident D. Lighthearted and optimistic

31. , she is the sort of woman to spread sunshine to people through her smile

A.Shy and cautiousB.Sensitive and thoughtful

C.Honest and confident D.Light hearted and optimistic

31. 答案D


32.Jack described his father, who a brave boy many years ago,as a strong-willed man.

A. would be B. would have been

C. must be D. must have been

32. 答案D

【解析】考查情态动词。must have done 表示对过去的肯定推测。句意:杰克将他的父亲描写成一个意志刚强的人,许多年前他的父亲一定是一个勇敢的孩子。

33. Just use this room for the time being, and we’ll offer you a larger one

it becomes available

A. as soon as B. unless C. as faras D. until


【解析】考查从属连词。As soon as一……就……;unless除非;as far as就而言;until直到……。句意:暂时就用这个房间,一有空闲的,我们将给你提供一个更大的房间。

34.一We’ve spent too much money recently.

一Well,it isn’t surprising.Our friends and relatives around all the time.

A.arecoming B.had come

C.were coming D.have been coming

35.一 ?

———That would be great! Please drop me off at the library.

A.Could you bring me the bill

B.Would youlikeme to give you alift

C.Could you tell me the postcode for Paris

D.Would you like to have my e-mail address

35. 答案B


第二节 完形填空


Most people give little thought to the Pens they write with, especially since the printer. In modern homes and offices mean that very36things are handwritten.All too often,people buy a pen based only on 37,and wonder why they are not satisfied38They begin to use it.However,buying a Pen that you'11 enjoy is not 39 if You keep the following in mind.

First of all.a pen should fit comfortably in your hand and be 40to use.The thickness of the pen is the most important characteristic(特征)4lcomfort.Havinga small hand and thick fingers,you may be comfortable with a thin pen. If you have a 42hand and thicker fingers,you may43afatter pen.The length of 8 pen call 44 influence comfort.A pen that is t00 45can easily feel top-hea vy and unstable.

Then,the writing point of the pen should 46 the ink to flow evenly(均匀地)while the pen remains in touch with the paper.47will make it possible for you tocreate a48 line of writing. The point should also be sensitive enough to49inkfrom running when the pen is lifted.A point that does not block the 50 may leave drops of ink,51you pick the pen up and put it down again.

52the pen should make a thick, dark line. Fine—line pens may 53bad handwriting,but fine,delicate lines do not command54next to printed text,as, 55,a signature on a printed letter. A broad line ,on other hand,gives an impression of confidence and authori ty (权威).

36. A. many B. few C. pleasant D. important

37. A.1ooks B. reason C. value D. advantages

38. A. once B. if C. because D. though

39. A. convenient B. easy C. hardD. difficult

40. A. heavy B. easy C. hard D. safe

41. A. taking B. finding C. determining D. seeking

42. A. strongerB. weaker C. SmallerD.1arger

43. A. prefer B. recommend C. prepare D. demand

44. A. hardly B. allow C. never D. Still

45. A. thick B. 1ight C.1ong D. soft

46. A. change B. allow C. reduce D. press

47. A They B. One C. This D. Some

48. A thin B. rough C. black D. Smooth

49. A prevent B. free C. protect D. Remove

50. A way B. Sight C. flow D. Stream

51. A so B. as C. and D. Yet

52. A Meanwhile B. Generally C. Afterwards D. Finally

53. A show up B. differ from C. Break down D. compensate for

54. A attention B. support C. respect D. Admission

55. A at most B. For example C. in brief D. on purpose

40. 答案B

【解析】 满意的钢笔当然是“容易”使用。

41. 答案C


42. 答案D

【解析】与上句中的“small hand”对应。

43. 答案A


51. 答案B


52. 答案D

【解析】该句上两段的首句连接词“First of all, Then”,所以这里应该用Finally。

53. 答案D

【解析】钢笔书写出的“好线条”可以“弥补”蹩脚书法的不足。show up露面;differ from与……不同;break down分解,发生故障;compensate for补偿。

54. 答案A

【解析】 在打印稿中,纤细精致的笔划不醒目让你“注意、留意”。其他选项不合语境。

55. 答案B

【解析】从a signature on a printed letter可知这里是“举例”说明。




The engineer Camillo Oliver was 40 years old when he started the company in 1908.

At his factory in Ivrea, he designed and produced the first Italian typewriter, Today the company 's head office s still in Ivrea, near Turin, but the company is much larger than it was in those days and there are offices all around the world.

By 1930 there was 1 staff of 00 and the company turned out 13,000 machines a year. Some went to customers in Italy, but Olivetti exported more typewriter to other countries.

Camillo's son, Adriano, started working for the company in 1924 and later he became the boss. He introduced a standard speed for the production line and he employed technology and design specialists. The company developed new and better typewriters and then calculators(计算机) .In 1959 it produced the ELEAcomputer in Italy.[来源:学科网ZXXK]

After Adriano died in 1960,the company had a period of financial problems. Other companies, especially the Japanese, made faster progress in electronic technology than the ITalian company.

In 1978,Carlo de Benedetti became the new boss. Olivetti increased its marking and service networks and made agreements with other companies to design and produce more advanced office equipment. Soon it became one of the world's leading companies in informationtechnology and communications. There are now five independentcompanies in the Olivetti group – one for personal computers, one for Systems and services, and two for telecommunications.

56.From the text we learn that ______________.

A. by 1930 Olivetti produced 13,000 typewriters a year

B. Olivetti earned more in the 1960s than in the 1950s

C. some of Olivetti’s 700 staff regularly visited customers in Italy

D.Olivetti set up offices in other countries from the very beginning

57.What was probably the direct result of Olivetti’s falling behind in electronic technology?

A. Adriano’s death . B.A period of financial problems.

C. Its faster progress. D. Its agreements with other companies.

58.What do we know about Olivetti?

A. It produced the best typewriter in the world.

B. It designed the world’s firs t mainframe computer.

C. It exported more typewriters than other companies.

D. It has five independent companies with its head office in Ivrea.

59.The best title for the text would be ____________.

A. The Origin of Olivetti B. The Success of Olivetti

C. The History of Olivetti D. The Production of Olivetti


59. 答案C

【解析】主旨大意题。本文介绍了Olivetti Group的创立的过程、发展的阶段、革新的举措和如今的现状,让我们了解了这家公司的历史,选项C正确。


Have you ever wondered?

1. Why do airplanes take longer to fly west than east?

It can take five hours to go west-east from New York (NY) to London but seven hours to travel east-west from London to NY . The reason for the difference is an atmospheric phenomenon known as the jet(喷射)stream. The jet stream is a very high altitude wind which always blows from the west to the east across the Atlantic. The planes moving at a constant air speed thus go faster in the west-east direction when they are moving with the wind than in the opposite direction.

2. What would happen if the gravity on Earth was suddenly turned off?

Supposing we could magically turn off gravity. Would buildings and other structures(建筑物)float away? What happened would depend on how strongly the things were attached to the Earth. The Earth is moving at quite a speed, moving at over a thousand miles per hour. If you turn something around your head on a string(细绳),it goes around in a circle until you let go of the string. Then it flies off in a straight line. ‘Switching off’ gravity would be like letting go of the string. Things not attached to the Earth would fly off in a straight line. People in buildings would suddenly shoot upwards at a great speed until they hit the ceiling. Most things outside would fly off into space.

60.What information can we get from the first passage?

A. It is the jet stream that affects how fast airplanes fly.

B. Planes go slower when they are moving with the wind.

C. It takes more time to fly from NY to London than from London to NY.

D. The jet stream always blows from the east to the west across the Atlantic.[来源:Z+xx+k.Com]

61.The word “shoot” underlined in the 2nd passage probably means “__________”.

A. send for B. move quickly

C. come out D. grow quickly

62.It can be inferred that without gravity _____________.

A. buildings and other structures would float away

B. trees and buildings would not so easily fly off

C. something around your head would not float away

D. everything outside buildings would fly off into space

63.Where can we most probably read this text?

A. In a research paper. B. In a short story.

C. In a travel magazine. D. In a student’s book



American cities are similar to other cities around the world: In every country, cities reflect the values of the culture. American cities are changing, just as American society is changing.

After World War Ⅱ, the population of most large American cities decreased; however, the population shifts(转移)to and from the city reflect the changing values of American society. In the late 1940s and early 1950s, city residents(居民)became wealthier. They had more children so they needed more space. They moved out of their apartments in the city to buy their own homes. They bought houses in the suburbs(郊区).

Now things are changing, The children of the people who left the cities in the 1950s are now adults. Many, unlike their parents, want to live in the cities. They continue to move to Sun Belt cities and older ones of the Northeast and Midwest. Many young professionals are moving back into the city. They prefer the city to the suburb s because their jobs are there; or they just enjoy the excitement and possibilities that the city offers.

This population shift is bringing problems as well as benefits. Countless poor people must leave their apartments in the city because the owners want to sell the buildings or make apartments for sale instead of for rent. In the 1950s, many poor people did not have enough money to move to the suburbs; now many of these same people do not have enough money to stay in the cities.

Only a few years ago, people thought that the older American cities were dying. Some city residents now see a bright, new future . Others see only problems and conflicts. One thing is sure:many dying cities are alive again.

64.What does the author think of cities all over the world?

A. They are alive. B. They are hopeless.

C. They are similar. D. They are different.

65.Why did American city residents want to live in the suburbs after World War Ⅱ?

A. Because older American cities were dying.

B. Because they were richer and needed more space.

C. Because cities contained the worst parts of society.

D. Because they could hardly afford to live in the city.

66.According to the 4th paragraph, a great many poor people in American cities _______ .

A. are faced with housing problems

B. are forced to move to the suburbs

C. want to sell their buildings

D. need more money for daily expenses

67.We can conclude from the text that ___________ .

A. American cities are changing for the worse

B. people have different views on American cities

C. many people are now moving from American cities

D. the population is decreasing in older American cities


My father was 44 and knew he wasn’t going to make it to 45. He wrote me a letter and hoped that something in it would help me fortherestof my life.

Since the day 1 was 12 and first read his letter, some of his words have lived in my heart. Only part always times out. “Right now, you are pretending to be a time-killer. But I know that one hay, you will do something great that will set you among the very best.” Knowing that my dad believed in me gave me permission to believe in myself. “You will do something great.” He didn’t know what that would be, and neither did I, but at times in my life when I’ve felt proud of myself, I remember his words and wish he were here so I could ask. “Is this what you were talking about, Dad? Should I keep going?”

A long way from 12 now, I realize he would have been proud when I made any progress. Lately, though. I’ve come to believe he’d want me to move on to what comes next: to be proud of, and believe in, somebody else. It’s time to start writing my own letters to my children. Our children look to us with the same unanswered question we had. Our kids don’thold back because they’re afraid to fail. They’re only afraid of failing us. They don’t worry about being disappointed. Their fear-as mine was until my father’s letter-is of being a disappointment.

Give your children permission to succeed. They’re writing for you to believe in them. I always knew way parents loved me. But trust me. That belief will be more complete, that love will be more real, and their belief in themselves will be greater if you write the words on their hearts; “Don’t worry; you’ll do something great.” Not having that blessing from their parents may be the only thing holding them back.

68.We learn from the text that the author

A.lost his father when he was young

B.Worked hard before he read his father's letter

C.Asked his father's permission to believe in himself

D.Knew exactly what great thing his father wanted him to do

69.What does the author tell us in the 3rd paragraph?

A. Children need their parents’ letters.

B. Children are afraid to be disappointed.

C. His children’s fear of failure held them back.

D. His father’s letter removed his fear of failing his parents.

70.Which of the following is true of the author?

A. He got no access to success.

B. He wrote back to his father at 12.

C. He was sure his parents loved him.

D. He once asked his father about the letter.

71.The main purpose of the text is to _______.

A. describe children’s thinking

B. answer some questions children have

C. stress the importance of communication

D. advise parents to encourage their children



The need to feed a growing population is putting much pressure on the world’s supply of water. With 97% of the world’s water too salty to salty to be drunk or be drunk or used in agriculture, the worldwide Supply of water needs careful management, especially in agriculture, Although the idea of a water shortage(短缺)seems strange to someone fortunate enough to live in a high rainfall country, many of the world’s agricultural industries experience constant water shortages .

Although dams can be built to store water for agricultural use in dry areas and dry seasons, the costs of water redistribution(重新分配) are very high. Not only is there the cost of the engineering itself ,but there is also an environmental cost to be considered .Where valleys(山谷) are flooded to create dams, houses are lost and wildlife homes destroyed . Besides , water may flow easily through pipes to fields, but it cannot be transported from one side of the world to the other. Each country must therefore rely on the management of its own water to supply its farming requirements.

This is particularly troubling for countries with agricultural industries in areas dependent on irrigation(灌溉). In Te xas, farmers’overuse of irrigation water has resulted in a 25% reduction of the water stores ,In the Central Valley area of southwestern USA ,a huge water engineering project provided water for farming in dry valleys , but much of the water use has been poorly managed.

Saudi Arabia’s attempts to grow wheat in desert areas have seen the pumping of huge quantities of irrigation(灌溉) water from underground reserves . Because there is no rainfall in these areas ,such reserves can only decrease, and it is believed that fifty years of pumping will see them run dry.

72. From the first two paragraphs we learn that .

A. much of the world’s water is available for use

B. people in high rainfall countries feel lucky

C. the costs of water redistribution should be considered

D. water can be easily carried through pipes across the world

73. Which of the following is true?

A. The water stores in Texas have been reduced by 75%.

B. Most industries in the world suffer from water shortages.

C. The underground water in Saudi Arabia might run out in 20 years.

D. Good management of water use resulted from the project in the Central Valley.

74. What is most likely to be discussed in the paragraph that follows?

A. Steps to improving water use management.

B. Ways to reduce the costs of building dams.

C. Measures to deal with worldwide water shortages.

D. Approaches to handling the pressure on water supply.

75. The text is mainly about ­ .

A. water supply and increasing population

B. water use management and agriculture
C. water redistribution and wildlife protection

D. water shortages and environmental protection

75. 答案B












When difficult people express themselves orally, they generally want at least two things: they’ve been heard and they’ve been understand. As a good communicator should be a good listener, five steps are advocated toward good listening.

The first step is cooperating(合作). How does a difficult person know that you’re listening and understanding? In fact, it’s through the way you look an d should while he is talking. You may help him to fully express his thoughts and feelings. You do this by nodding your head in agreement, making certain sounds of understanding.

When the person begins to repeat what’s been said, it’s signal of step two: turning back. It means that you repeat back some words he is using, sending a clear signal that you’re listening carefully and that you think what he is saying is important.

Having heard what he has to say, the next step is clarifying. At this point, you start to gather information about what is being communicated. Ask some open-ended questions, which will allow you to figure out what intention he is hoping to satisfy.

The fourth step is to summarize(概括)what you’ve heard. This allows you to make sure that both you and the difficult person are on the same page. When you do this, two things happen. First, if you’ve shown that you’re making an effort to understand completely. This increases the possibility of gaining cooperation from him.

Having listened carefully, you’ve now arrived at the point of confirming with the person that he feels that his thoughts have been fully voiced. Ask if he feels understood.

When enough sincere listening, questioning, and remembering are brought together, understanding is usually achieved and a difficult person becomes less difficult and more cooperative.


(76) to understand


Difficult people hope they have been heard and(77) when they express themselves.


on listening

◆(79) in agreement and make some sounds of understanding while a difficult person is speaking.

◆Repeat some(80) that you have heard.

◆Collect information about the person’s expressions and find his(81) .

◆Give a(82) of what the person has said.

◆Confirm that the person gains(83)from speaking his thoughts.


A difficult person will be(84) to cooperate with if understanding is achieved.


You may unlock the doors to difficult people’s(85) after you listen and understand


76. 答案Listen/Listening


77. 答案understood

【解析】捕捉信息题。由第一段第二句“They have been heard and have been understood”可知答案。

78. 答案Suggestions/Tips/Advice

【解析】 由右栏信息可知此处应是建议。

79. 答案Nod


80. 答案words

【解析】 语义转换题。根据第三段第一句中“what’s been said”可知答案。

81. 答案 intention


假设你将参加某英语杂志社开展的一次征文活动,征文的内容要求你在电视、手机(cell)和网络三者中,放弃期中一个兵陈述理由。请你以“Which would you give up: TV, cell, or Web?”为题,写一篇英语短文。





回复 2 楼 2016-06-12






1. What does the man want to be in the future? www.ks5u.com/gaokao/beijing

A. A soldier. B. A lawyer. C. A teacher.

2. What does the girl want?

A. Sweets. B. Books. C. Pencils. www.ks5u.com/gaokao/beijing

3. When did the two speakers plan to meet Jane?

A. At2:00. B. At2:15. C. At2:30.

4. what will the woman do tonight?

A. Go to the park. B. Play basketball. C. Work at a bookstore.

5. what is the woman doing?

A. Offering help.

B. Asking for information.

C. Making an introduction.

第二节(共10小题;每小题1.5分,共15分) www.ks5u.com/gaokao/beijing


6. Where do the two speakers work?

A. At a store. B. At a hotel. C. At a school.

7. Where does the woman come from? www.ks5u.com/gaokao/beijing

A. Brazil. B. Australia. C. Singapore.


8. What is the weather like in the north tonight? www.ks5u.com/gaokao/beijing

9. What is the high temperature in the south tomorrow?

A. 15°C. B. 20°C. www.ks5u.com/gaokao/beijing C. 23°C.


10. What motivates the man to employ local people?

A. To help the local business.

B o To increase the local employment rate.

C. To reduce the number of workers from other places.

11. What will the man probably do in the future?

A. Set up a new company.

B. Run a training course.

C. Lead an easier life. www.ks5u.com/gaokao/beijing

12. What is the possible relationship between the two speakers?

A. Supplier and customer.

B. Manager and secretary.

C. Interviewer and interviewee. www.ks5u.com/gaokao/beijing

13. What rule should you follow if you want to enter the sports complex?

A. Wear appropriate shoes.

B. Register on the notice board.

C. Make an appointment with a coach.

14. How much is the buffet?

A. ?4. B. ?8. C. ?10.

15. What is the purpose of the announcement?

A. To introduce a playing field. www.ks5u.com/gaokao/beijing

B. To introduce a holiday camp.

C. To introduce a fruit market.



Customer Complaint Form(客户投诉表)


Thompson Electronics


A 16 delivery:

● Printers ordered:25 HWl7

● Printers delivered:25 HW56


A computer l8problem



●Post the correct orderl9 delivery

·Put a$300 20 0n the customer’S account

第二部分:知识运用(共两节,45分) www.ks5u.com/gaokao/beijing

第一节单项填空(共15小题;每小题l分,共15分) www.ks5u.com/gaokao/beijing











21. at my classmates' faces, I read the same excitement in their eyes.

A. Looking B. Look C. To look D. Looked

21. 答案:A



22. In the spoken English of some areas in the US, the "r" sounds at the end of the words .

A. are dropped B. drop

C. are being dropped D. have dropped www.ks5u.com/gaokao/beijing

22. 答案:A


解析:the "r" sounds应该使用被动。

23. ---Good morning. I've got an appointment with Miss Smith in the Personnel Department.

--Ah, good morning. You be Mrs. Peters.

A. might B. must C. would D. can



解析:第一个说话人说和史密斯小姐有约,那下面的人就回应说,"那您一定就是Mrs. Peters了"因此排除A,C.D

24. --I'm not finished with my dinner yet. www.ks5u.com/gaokao/beijing

--But our friends for us. www.ks5u.com/gaokao/beijing

A. will wait B. wait C. have waited D. are waiting

  24. 答案:D


解析:第一个说话人说"我还没吃完饭呢",而下面的人则说"但是我们的朋友们都在等我们了"根据第一个人还没进行完吃饭的动作,而第二个人又开始催促,我们得知朋友们此时正在等他们。所以用进行时are waiting更符合句意。

25. I'm calling to enquire about the position in yesterday's China Daily.

A. advertised B. to be advertised

C. advertising D. having advertised www.ks5u.com/gaokao/beijing

  25. 答案:A



解析:the position肯定是被advertise,此处的分词可以理解为一个定语从句which was advertised

26. --I'm sorry, but I don't quite follow you. Did you say you wanted to return on September 20?

--Sorry, I myself clear. We want to return on October 20.

A. hadn't made B. wouldn't make

C. don't make D. haven't made

  26. 答案:D

考点: 时态

解析:上文说没听清是几号回来。而下文则说很抱歉我没说清楚。根据句意我们只能选didn't make或者haven't made.那落在选项中我们只能选择D。A. hadn't made过去完成时表过去的过去,不符合题意。B. wouldn't make过去将来时时态不正确。C一般现在时不正确。

27. Children who are not active or diet is high in fat will gain weight quickly.

A. what B. whose C. which D. that www.ks5u.com/gaokao/beijing

  27. 答案:B

考点: 本题考查定语从句关系副词的选择。

解析:不爱运动或者饮食热量偏高的孩子们会很快发胖。较简单。本定语从句不缺成分,为主系表结构,因此只能在考虑填关系副词。A中的What不能引导定语从句。选B. whose谁的,符合题意。

28. It took me a long time before I was able to fully appreciate what they __ for me.

A. had done B. did C. would do D. were doing

  28. 答案:A



29. Would you mind not picking the flowers in the garden? They are everyone's enjoyment.

A. in B. at C. for D. to www.ks5u.com/gaokao/beijing

  29. 答案:C


解析:for enjoyment为了寻求乐趣。例如:We work in the garden for enjoyment.我们为寻求乐趣而在园子里劳作。

30. they decide which college to go to, students should research the admission procedures.

A. As B. While C. Until D. Once

  30. 答案:D


解析:此题重在句意的判断。"一旦学生们决定了去哪所大学读书,他们就得研究下办理入学的手续。"A. As当;因为...B. while做连词强调一件事发生时另外一个动作正在进行;C. Until直到...D. Once一旦。因此选D

31. I want to be liked and loved for I am inside.

A. who B. where C. what D. how

  31. 答案:C



32. Part of the reason Charles Dickens loved his own novel, David Copperfield, was __ it was rather closely modeled on his own life.

A. what B. that C. why D. whether

  32. 答案:B



33. some people regard as a drawback is seen as a plus by many others.

A. Whether B. What C. That D. How

  33. 答案:B

考点: 本题考查主语从句。


解析:从句中缺宾语,只能用B. what来引导.C.中的That引导主语从句不做成分。

34. --The weather has been very hot and dry.

--Yes. If it had rained even a drop, things would be much better now! And my vegetables .

A. wouldn't die B. didn't die www.ks5u.com/gaokao/beijing

C. hadn't died D. wouldn't have died www.ks5u.com/gaokao/beijing

  34. 答案:D


解析:第二个说话人的If条件句是我们选择正确答案的关键。要是当时下雨了,现在的情况就好的多了!我的蔬菜也就不会死了。过去没有下雨,所以我的蔬菜干死了也是发生在过去。而将句子还原则为If it had rained even a drop, my vegetables wouldn't have died.

  If+ had done,主句为couldn’t/ shouldn't/ wouldn't have done.

35. First impressions are the most lasting. After all, you never get __ second chance to make __ first impression.

A. a; the B. the; the C. a; a D. the; a

  35. 答案:A

考点: 冠词

解析:很多同学错在第二个空to make a first impression上了。在做题的时候不够细心,因为此题的句意是:第一印象是最持久的。总之,你永远不可能有第二个机会去再给别人留一次第一印象。本题强调的重点是第二个机会a second chance;第二次留一个第一印象,make a first impression. first为干扰因素。

  若句意改变为:你没有机会去改变你的第一印象You never get a second chance to change the first impression。此处再填the就合情合理了。
第二节完形填空(共20小题;每小题l.5分,共30分) www.ks5u.com/gaokao/beijing


I met Mrs. Neidl in the ninth grade on a stage-design team for a play and she was one of the directors. Almost instantly I loved her. She had an Unpleasant voice and a direct way of speaking, 36she was encouraging and inspiring. For some reason, she was impressed with my work and me.

Mrs. Neidl would ask me for my37 . She wanted to know how I thought we should 38 things. At first I had no idea how to answer because I knew 39about stage design! But I slowly began to respond to her 40 . It was cause and effect: She believed I had opinions, so I began to41them. She trusted me to complete things, so I completed them perfectly. She loved how 42I was, so I began to show up to paint more and more. She believed in me, so I began to believe in myself.

Mrs. Neidl's43that year was, "Try it. We can always paint over it 44 !"I began to take 45 . I had been so afraid of failing but suddenly there was no failing--only things to be 46upon. I learned to dip my brush into the paint and 47create something.

The shy, quiet freshman achieved success that year. I was 48 in the program

as "Student Art Assistant" because of the time and effort I'd put in. It was that year that I 49I wanted to spend the rest of my life doing stage design. www.ks5u.com/gaokao/beijing

Being on that stage-design team50 Mrs. Neidl changed me completely. Not only was I stronger and more competent than I had thought, but I also 51a strong interest and a world I hadn't known existed. She taught me not to 52what people think I should do: She taught me to take chances and not be53 . Mrs. Neidl was my comforter when I was upset. Her54in me has inspired me to do things that I never imagined 55 . www.ks5u.com/gaokao/beijing

36. A. and B. yet C. so D. for

37. A. opinion B. impression C. information D. intention

38. A. make B. keep C. handle D. change www.ks5u.com/gaokao/beijing

39. A. anything B. something C. everything D. nothing

40. A. questions B. comments C. explanations D. remarks

41. A. hold B. follow C. evaluate D. form

42. A. happy B. lively C. reliable D. punctual

43. A. message B. motto C. saying D. suggestion

44. A. again B. more C. instead D. later

45. A. steps B. control C. charge D. risks[

46. A. improved B. acted C. looked D. reflected www.ks5u.com/gaokao/beijing

47. A. easily B. carefully C. confidently D. proudly

48. A. introduced B. recognized C. identified D. considered

49. A. confirmed B. decided C. realized D. acknowledged

50. A. with B. below C. of D. by

51. A. developed B. discovered C. took D. fostered

52. A. accept B. care C. judge D. wonder

53. A. bored B. lazy C. sad D. afraid

54. A. trust B. patience C. curiosity Do interest

55. A. accessible B. enjoyable C. possible D. favorable www.ks5u.com/gaokao/beijing

36.B考察连词及句子理解。前面unpleasant voice 和 direct way of speaking是消极意向,后面encouraging 和 inspiring是积极意向,因此需填转折连词,四个选项中A表并列,C表结果,D表原因,只有B选项yet表转折。

37.A 考察名词及篇章理解。第二段第二句话“她想知道我认为我们该怎样处理事情”直接提示了这个空应该选观点opinion这个词. 第二段倒数第四句话中也出现了这个词从而验证了其正确性。B. impression 印象、C. information 信息、D. intention 意图均不符合题意。

38.C 考察动词及篇章理解。根据文章主线选择“处理”事情。考纲要求考生掌握handle 的两种意思,名词是“柄、把”,动词是“处理”,这里考察后者。A, 做、创造 B 保持 D改变 均不符题意。

39.D 考察代词及句子理解。开始我不知如何回答是因为我对舞台设计“一无所知”。 know nothing about sth 对某事一无所知。

40.A 考察名词及篇章理解。解题关键词是本句的 ”respond 回答、响应”, 线索是第二段第一句中的 “ask 提问”及第四句中的“answer 回答”, 因此这里填 “question 问题”这个词。BD选项是评论,C是解释,不符题意。

41.D 考察动词及篇章理解。本句的them指代opinions 。form opinion形成观点 。hold opinion持有某种观点,form 是个变化的状态,hold是个持续的状态,根据文意推断作者开始并没有观点,由于她相信我有观点所以我形成了观点,强调形成这个过程,另外Begin to后接有变化感的词,故选form不选hold. B. follow 遵照,C .evaluate评估与题意差别较大。

42.C 考察形容词及句子理解。解题线索在后半句 “so I began to show up to paint more and more ” 作者做的事情变多是Mrs. Neidl信任的结果,说明我是个可信赖(reliable)的人,C选项符合题意。其他三个选项happy 高兴的 lively活泼的和 punctual 准时的都不能表达出这种合理的因果关系。另外迷惑性较大的lively通常用来形容物。

43. B考察名词及句子理解。引号里是一句鼓励性质的话,而且前面“that year”也是线索,说明这话是她的motto座右铭。迷惑性较大的C选项saying是谚语的意思,往往是人们长期形成的对生活及经验的总结,强调群体性及时间性,故不合适,message 信息,suggestion 建议,不合题意。

44.D 考察副词及篇章理解。本题难度较大,解题关键词是介词“over”,表覆盖。选择later 可以理解为“如果没有画好,稍后可以再画一次覆盖在之前的画上。” more更多, Instead 代替, 不合题意。迷惑性最大的是again.表示“再一次、又一次”但是放在这里与over意思重复,paint over it later相当于 paint it again, 故不选A。

45.D 考察名词及篇章理解。take risks 固定搭配,冒险。通读全文发现作者是开始很不自信,第四段开头也提示了作者“shy” ,“quiet”,因此动笔画画对他来说是个冒险,是自我突破的过程,文章最后一段也提到了take chances冒险,因此选D。take steps是采取措施、步骤的意思,与文章主题不搭,control 和 charge 都有控制的意思,不合题意。

46.A 考察动词及句子理解。Improve upon 改进。线索是本段开头的座右铭“试试吧,我们永远可以重画一次。”因此不存在失败,只存在改进。Act upon按照、对…起作用,look upon 看待、考虑,reflect upon 考虑、回顾,均不符题意。

47.C 考察副词及篇章理解。本段主要描写了作者从不敢做到敢做的过程,根据前文提示作者曾很不自信,后来在Mrs. Neidl的鼓励下自信地拿起了画笔,因此选confidently. A easily 容易的。作者超越自我的过程并不容易。B carefully 小心地。创作并不是个小心翼翼的过程。D Proudly 骄傲地。文章中没有任何体现。

48.B 考察动词。Be recognized as“被公认为、被承认”。 Introduce 介绍、引入,be identified as“ 被确定是”,有验证身份的意思,be considered as “被认为、被当作”。其中 be recognize as 有“被大家承认、被普遍接受”的意思,表意更准确。

49.C 考察动词。解题关键词是“want ”。作者意识到自己想要的是什么,所以用realized. 迷惑项是decided 决定。可以说决定要什么,但不可以说决定想什么,因为想法是不可控制的。Confirm 证实 acknowledge 承认,与题意差别较大。

50.A 考察介词。Being with sb 与某人在一起。这里不能选of是因为全文第一句话,Mrs. Neidl是“ one of the directors”,所以不能说是她的团队。Below 和 by 搭配错误。

51.B 考察动词。发现了一项爱好和一个未知的世界,选discovered. 迷惑项是developed , 这个词可以与interest 连用表示形成了某种爱好,但是不可以与world连用表示“形成一个未知世界,”故排除。Take interest 取利,foster 培养,均不合适。

52.B 考察动词及篇章理解。“她教会我不要去在乎别人认为我该怎么做”,care 在乎,符合文意。Accept 接受,judge 判断 ,wonder 怀疑 均不合文意。

53.D 考察形容词及句意理解。Be afraid害怕。前面说Take chance 冒险,后面理所当然说不要怕(失败),而且前文反复出现了afraid 这个词,是全篇的关键词。Bored 无聊的,lazy 懒惰的,sad 伤心的,在文中均无体现。

54.A 考察名词及篇章理解。Trust 信任。通读全文会发现文中多次提到Mrs. Neidl对作者的信任,并在第三段明确使用了trust这个词,因此推断出答案。Patience 耐心,curiosity好奇心,interest兴趣,文中均无体现。

55.C考察形容词及篇章理解。“她对我的信任激励我完成以前认为不可能的事情”, “never imagined possible” 等于 “imagined impossible.” 认为不可能的,贴合文意。Accessible 容易取得的 enjoyable 有趣的 favorable 有利的赞同的 均不合文意。






Goldie's Secret www.ks5u.com/gaokao/beijing

She turned up at the doorstep of my house in Cornwall. No way could I have sent her away. No way, not me anyway. Maybe someone had kicked her out of their car the night before. "We're moving house.'; "No space for her any more with the baby coming." "We never really wanted her, but what could we have done? She was a present." People find all sorts of excuses for abandoning an animal. And she was one of the most beautiful dogs I had ever seen.

I called her Goldie. If I had known what was going to happen I would have given www.ks5u.com/gaokao/beijing

her a more creative name. She was so unsettled during those first few days. She hardly ate anything and had such an air of sadness about her. There was nothing I could do to make her happy, it seemed. Heaven knows what had happened to her at her previous owner's. But eventually at the end of the first week she calmed down. Always by my side, whether we were out on one of our long walks or sitting by the fire. www.ks5u.com/gaokao/beijing

That's why it was such a shock when she pulled away from me one day when we were out for a walk. We were a long way from home, when she started barking and getting very restless. Eventually I couldn't hold her any longer and she raced off down the road towards a farmhouse in the distance as fast as she could.

By the time I reached the farm I was very tired and upset with Goldie. But when I saw her licking (舔) the four puppies (幼犬) I started to feel sympathy towards them. "We didn't know what had happened to her," said the woman at the door. "I took her for a walk one day, soon after the puppies were born, and she just disappeared." "She must have tried to come back to them and got lost," added a boy from behind her. ' www.ks5u.com/gaokao/beijing

I must admit I do miss Goldie, but I've got Nugget now, and she looks just like her mother. And I've learnt a good lesson: not to judge people.

56. How did the author feel about Goldie when Goldie came to the house?

A. Shocked. B. Sympathetic. C. Annoyed. D. Upset.

57. In her first few days at the author's house, Goldie .

AI felt worried B. was angry www.ks5u.com/gaokao/beijing

C. ate a little D. sat by the fire

58. Goldie rushed off to a farmhouse one day because she .

A. saw her puppies B. heard familiar barking

C. wanted to leave the author D. found her way to her old home

59. The passage is organized in order of ­ .

A. time B. effectiveness C. importance D. complexity

B www.ks5u.com/gaokao/beijing

Open Letter to an Editor

I had an interesting conversation with a reporter recently---one who works for you. In fact, he's one of your best reporters. He wants to leave.

Your reporter gave me a copy of his resume (简历) and photocopies of six stories that he wrote for you. The headlines showed you played them proudly. With great enthusiasm, he talked about how he finds issues (问题), approaches them, and writes about them, which tells me he is one of your best. I'm sure you would hate to lose him. Surprisingly, your reporter is not unhappy. In fact, he told me he really likes his job. He has a great assignment (分工), and said you run a great paper. It would be easy for you to keep him, he said. He knows that the paper values him. He appreciates the responsibility you've given him, takes ownership of his profession, and enjoys his freedom.

So why is he looking for a way out? www.ks5u.com/gaokao/beijing

He talked to me because he wants his editors to demand so much more of him. He wants to be pushed, challenged, coached to new heights.

The reporter believes that good stories spring from good questions, but his editors usually ask how long the story will be, when it will be in, where it can play, and what the budget is.

He longs for conversations with an editor who will help him turn his good ideas into great ones. He wants someone to get excited about what he's doing and to help him turn his story idea upside down and inside out, exploring the best ways to report it. He wants to be more valuable for your paper. That's what you want for him, too, isn't it? www.ks5u.com/gaokao/beijing

So your reporter has set me thinking.

Our best hope in keeping our best reporters, copy editors, photographers, artists---everyone--is to work harder to make sure they get the help they are demanding to reach their potential. If we can't do it, they'll find someone who can.[

60. What does the writer think of the reporter? www.ks5u.com/gaokao/beijing

A. Optimistic. B. Imaginative. C. Ambitious. D. Proud.

61. What does the reporter want most from his editors in their talks?

A. Finding the news value of his stories. B. Giving him financial support.

C. Helping him to find issues. D. Improving his good ideas.

62. Who probably wrote the letter?

A. An editor. B. An artist. C. A reporter. D. A reader.

63. The letter aims to remind editors that they should __ www.ks5u.com/gaokao/beijing

A. keep their best reporters at all costs

B. give more freedom to their reporters www.ks5u.com/gaokao/beijing

C. be aware of their reporters' professional development

D. appreciate their reporters' working styles and attitudes

C www.ks5u.com/gaokao/beijing

Pacing and Pausing

Sara tried to befriend her old friend Steve's new wife, but Betty never seemed to have anything to say. While Sara felt Betty didn't hold up her end of the conversation, Betty complained to Steve that Sara never gave her a chance to talk. The problem had to do with expectations about pacing and pausing. www.ks5u.com/gaokao/beijing

Conversation is a turn-taking game. When our habits are similar, there's no problem. But if our habits are different, you may start to talk before I'm finished or fail to take your turn when I'm finished. That's what was happening with Betty and Sara.

It may not be coincidental that Betty, who expected relatively longer pauses between turns, is British, and Sara, who expected relatively shorter pauses, is American. Betty often felt interrupted by Sara. But Betty herself became an interrupter and found herself doing most of the talking when she met a visitor from Finland. And Sara had a hard time cutting in on some speakers from Latin America or Israel. www.ks5u.com/gaokao/beijing

The general phenomenon, then, is that the small conversation techniques, like pacing and pausing, lead people to draw conclusions not about conversational style but about personality and abilities. These habitual differences are often the basis for dangerous stereotyping (思维定式). And these social phenomena can have very personal consequences. For example, a woman from the southwestern part of the US went to live in an eastern city to take up a job in personnel. When the Personnel Department got together for meetings, she kept searching for the right time to break in--and never found it. Although back home she was considered outgoing and confident, in Washington she was viewed as shy and retiring. When she was evaluated at the end of the year, she was told to take a training course because of her inability to speak up.

That's why slight differences in conversational style--tiny little things like microseconds of pause-can have a great effect on one's life. The result in this case was a judgment of psychological problems---even in the mind of the woman herself, who really wondered what was wrong with her and registered for assertiveness training.

64. What did Sara think of Betty when talking with her? www.ks5u.com/gaokao/beijing

A. Betty was talkative.

B. Betty was an interrupter.

C. Betty did not take her turn. www.ks5u.com/gaokao/beijing

D. Betty paid no attention to Sara.

65. According to the passage, who are likely to expect the shortest pauses between turns?

A. Americans. B. Israelis. C. The British. D. The Finns.

66. We can learn from the passage that __

A. communication breakdown results from short pauses and fast pacing

B. women are unfavorably stereotyped in eastern cities of the US

C. one's inability to speak up is culturally determined sometimes

D. one should receive training to build up one's confidence

67. The underlined word "assertiveness" in the last paragraph probably means __

A. being willing to speak one's mind

B. being able to increase one's power

C. being ready to make one's own judgment www.ks5u.com/gaokao/beijing

D. being quick to express one's ideas confidently


The Cost of Higher Education

Individuals (个人) should pay for their higher education.

A university education is of huge and direct benefit to the individual. Graduates earn more than non-graduates. Meanwhile, social mobility is ever more dependent on having a degree. However, only some people have it. So the individual, not the taxpayers, should pay for it. There are pressing calls on the resources (资源) of the government. Using taxpayers' money to help a small number of people to earn high incomes in the future is not one of them. www.ks5u.com/gaokao/beijing

Full government funding (资助) is not very good for universities. Adam Smith worked in a Scottish university whose teachers lived off student fees. He knew and looked down upon 18th-century Oxford, where the academics lived comfortably off the income received from the government. Guaranteed salaries, Smith argued, were the enemy of hard work; and when the academics were lazy and incompetent, the students were similarly lazy. www.ks5u.com/gaokao/beijing

If students have to pay for their education, they not only work harder, but also demand more from their teachers. And their teachers have to keep them satisfied. If that means taking teaching seriously, and giving less time to their own research interests, that is surely something to celebrate.

Many people believe that higher education should be free because it is good for the economy (经济). Many graduates clearly do contribute to national wealth, but so do all the businesses that invest (投资) and create jobs. If you believe that the government should pay for higher education because graduates are economically productive, you should also believe that the government should pay part of business costs. Anyone promising to create jobs should receive a gift of capital from the government to invest. Therefore, it is the individual, not the government, who should pay for their university education.

68. The underlined word "them" in Paragraph 2 refers to

A. taxpayers B. pressing calls www.ks5u.com/gaokao/beijing

C. college graduates D. government resources

69. The author thinks that with full government funding

A. teachers are less satisfied

B. students are more demanding

C. students will become more competent

D. teachers will spend less time on teaching

70. The author mentions businesses in Paragraph 5 in order to

A. argue against free university education

B. call on them to finance students' studies

C. encourage graduates to go into business www.ks5u.com/gaokao/beijing

D. show their contribution to higher education



Muzak www.ks5u.com/gaokao/beijing

The next time you go into a bank, a store, or a supermarket, stop and listen. What do you hear? 71 It's similar to the music you listen to, but it's not exactly the same. That's because this music was especially designed to relax you, or to give you extra energy. Sometimes you don't even realize the music is playing, but you react to the music anyway.

Quiet background music used to be called "elevator (电梯) music" because we often heard it in elevators. But lately we hear it in more and more places, and it has a new name "Muzak". About one-third of the people in America listen to "Muzak" everyday. The music plays for 15 minutes at a time, with short pauses in between. It is always more lively between ten and eleven in the morning, and between three and four in the afternoon, when people are more tired. 72

If you listen to Muzak carefully, you will probably recognize the names of many of the songs. Some musicians or songwriters don't want their songs to be used as Muzak, but others are happy when their songs are chosen. Why? 73

Music is often played in public places because it is designed to make people feel less lonely when they are in an airport or a hotel. It has been proven that Muzak doeswhat it is designed to do. Tired office workers suddenly have more energy when they hear the pleasant sound of Muzak in the background. 74Supermarket shoppers buy 38 percent more groceries.

75 . They say it's boring to hear the same songs all the time. But other people enjoy hearing Muzak in public places. They say it helps them relax and feel calm. One way or another, Muzak affects everyone. Some farmers even say their cows give more milk when they hear Muzak!

A. Some people don't like Muzak. www.ks5u.com/gaokao/beijing

B. The music gives them extra energy.

C. Music is playing in the background.

D. Factory workers produce 13 percent more.

E. Muzak tends to help people understand music better.

F. They get as much as $4 million a year if their songs are used.

G. Muzak is played in most of the big supermarkets in the world.



















  情绪推断,较难题。此推断题的难点在于,原文没有直接的形容词表述,要求学生通过具体的描述总结。原文第2段She hardly ate anything and had such an air of sadness about her. There was nothing I could do to make her happy, it seemed. Heaven knows what had happened to her at her previous owner's.划线句子表明作者同情被遗弃的小狗,希望帮助它高兴起来。


  细节题,较难题。要做对此题主要要排除C项的干扰,原文第2段She hardly ate anything and had such an air of sadness about her. hardly ate anything的表述与ate little是不一样的。前者是几乎什么都不吃,后者是吃得少,此错误选项属于"改变否定/肯定的程度"。






  阅读技巧:第一段出现重要信息:特殊标点"破折号"和隐性转折词in fact,因此后面信息极其重要:写信给一个编辑说他的reporter很棒,但是要离开了;第二段要把握两个中文注释,此reporter给作者简历并充满热情地向其描述了自身特质;第三段平淡无奇,机械寻找重要信息出处—in fact,故得知该reporter干一行爱一行,精神可嘉;接着第四段一个问句,基本预示情节的转折,一眼即得知下面要详细阐述该reporter要离开的原因;继续往下,重要信息处稍微留意,即转折词but,因果词so,最后段的最高级best句,以及有特殊标点出现的最后一句。通过这几处内容的梳理,文意会变得清晰很多-年轻记者需要主编充分发挥他们的潜能,在竞争与挑战中寻求职业发展。

  答题技巧:此篇的4个题目包括3个推断题,其中包括对人物态度、作者身份、写作目的的推断。人物态度要求学生具备将具体描述…wants to be coached to new heights等转换成形容词表述的能力;作者身份推断题要求学生学会通过人称代词our判断;写作目的要求学生对全文的把握能力。


  判断推理题,难题。原文He wants to be pushed, challenged, coached to new heights..要通过划线处的具体描述总结出ambitious这个词:有抱负的。






  考查文章写作目的,较难题。抓住文章结尾是王道:Our best hope Our best hope in keeping our best reporters, copy editors, photographers, artists---everyone--is to work harder to make sure they get the help they are demanding to reach their potential再结合前面60题的答案,不难选出正确答案。





细节题,难题。难在弄不清谁是S谁是B,耐心读,动笔划,从第一段得出正确答案并不难:Sara felt Betty didn't hold up her end of the conversation




  变态细节题,较难题。A不符原文,B无中生有,D无中生有,C关键要理解culturally determined,由文化决定或者受文化影响。


  词义猜测题,较难。难点在于A选项的干扰作用。原文说那位MM的inability to speak up注意别人认为她没能力,不是说她不愿意。所以D比A好,此处用反义对比方法。





  推断代词所指,较难题。There are pressing calls on the resources (资源) of the government. Using taxpayers' money to help a small number of people to earn high incomes in the future is not one of them. ww往前看,发现前句就一个复数名词,就它了。


  细节题,简单题。根据题干关键词"full government funding"定位原文,根据"文题顺序一致"原则从上一题them后面去找,会找到Full government funding (资助) is not very good for universities….and when the academics were lazy and incompetent, the students were similarly lazy. "lazy"转换成"spendless time"不难得出正确选项。


  结构推断题,简单题。题目问提到business有什么目的,就等于问议论文中的论据有什么用,地球人都知道:支持论点。马上从本段段首找论点:Many people believe that higher education should be free…从全文的哪都可以看出作者就是要反对free higher education.






  此题,前句没看头,看后句:It's similar to the music you listen to…捉住主语it及它对应的music,从7个句子中选出唯一用music开头的C句。


  同样用指代的原则。前句when people are more tired.根据指代原则,确定答案在B和F里面:B. The music gives them extra energy. F. They get as much as $4 million a year if their songs are used. F明显不符合文章发展,提钱,俗!选B






  利用并列关系。前一句描述tired office workers,后一句描述supermarket shoppers,后句出现Supermarketshoppersbuy38percentmoregroceries.由此推断D为正确答案。Factoryworkersproduce13percentmore.主语和百分数都是一一对应关系。


  利用并列原则,后面有But other people enjoy hearing…,故选择A. Some people don't like Muzak.这是送分题。









  8、除掌握高考词汇表上的单词外,还应掌握考纲要求的构词法知识(比如今年高考中对于A篇unsettled一词、C篇a turn-taking game等词语的理解)。

第四部分:书面表达(共两节,35分)第一节情景作文(20分) www.ks5u.com/gaokao/beijing




Last weekend, I helped my grandparents prepare their trip to Beidaihe. www.ks5u.com/gaokao/beijing


1. 文体:周记。

2. 人称:I

3. 时态:一般过去时

4. 事件大意:我为爷爷奶奶准备出行+我送行

5. 图片要素:

 图一:查询信息(train ticket, weather, hotel)

 图二:买票(buy ticket)



3. 图片关联:


<P style="


回复 3 楼 2016-06-12


I 听力(共两节,满分35分)

第二部分 英语知识运用(共两节,满分45分)

第一节 单项填空(共15小题;每小题1分,满分15分)


例:It is generally considered unwise to give a child he or she wants.


21.It’s good feeling for people to admire the shanghai world expo that gives them


A.不填,a B. a,不填 C. the , a D. a, the

21. 答案B


22.When you introduce me to M r. Johnson, could you please say for me ?

A. everything B. anything C. something D. nothing

23.——volunteering is becoming popular in China .

——yeah, people are now aware that helping others is helping themselves.

A. naturally B. successfully C. splendidly D. increasingly

23. 答案D


24. Stephen Hawking believes that the earth is unlikely to be the only planet life has develop gradually.

A. that B. where C. which D. whose

24. 答案B

【解析】考查定语从句。句意为:“斯蒂芬·霍金认为地球是不可能是唯一的生命逐渐发展的星球。”where引导定语从句,相当于in which。其余三项不符合先行词在定语从句中所作的成分,故排除。因此应选B项。

25.Lots of rescue workers were working around the clock, supplies to Yushu, Qinghai province after the earthquake....

A. sending B. to send C. having sent D. to have sent

26.The girl had hardly rung the bell the door was opened suddenly, and her friend rushed out to greet her.

A. before B. until C. as D. since

26. 答案A


27.More and more high-rise buildings have been built in big cities space.

A. in search of B. in place of C. for lack of D. for fear of

27. 答案C


28.Every year a flood of farmers arrive in Shenzhen for the money-making jobs they

before leaving their hometowns.

A. promised B. were promised C. have promised D. have been promised

29.Teachers recommend parents their children under 12 to ride bicycles to school for safety.

A. not allow B. do not allowC. mustn’t allow D. couldn’t allow

29. 答案A


30.We’ve just moved into a bigger house and there’s a lot to do. Let’s it.

A. keep up with B. do away with C. get down to D. look forward to

31.——Guess what ,we’ve got our visas for a short-term visit to the UK this summer.

——How nice! You a different culture then.

A. will be experiencing B. have experienced

C. have been experiencing D. will have experienced

31. 答案A



32. Drunk driving, which was once a occurrence, is now under control.

A. general B. frequent C. normal D. particular

33.——In this day and age, women can have children and jobs as well.

——I can’t agree more.it’s great to have the two .

A. linked B. related C. connected D. combined

33.答案 D

【解析】考查动词用法。第二句意思为:“我非常赞同。让这两件事情相结合时非常好的。”have sth. done.意为“使某事被做”。A项意为“相联系的”;B项意为“有关的”;C项意为“相连接的”;D项意为“同时做,兼有”。由句中I can’t agree more可知,应选D项,其余三项不符合语境,排除。

34. In April, thousands of holidaymakers remained abroad due to the volcanic ash cloud.

A. sticking B. stuck C. to be stuck D. to have stuck

35.We should respect food and think about the people who don’t have we have here and treat food nicely.

A. that B. which C. what D. whether

35. 答案C




BorninAmerica , I spoke English ,not Chinese , the language of my ancestors . When I was three, my parents flashed cards with Chinese 36at my face , but I pushed them 37 . My mom believed I would learn 38 I was ready . But the 39 never came.

On a Chinese New Year’s Eve , my uncle spoke to me in Chinese , but all I could do was 40 at him , confused , scratching my head . “ Still can’t speak Chinese?” He 41 me , “You can’t even buy a fish in Chinatown .”

“Hey ,this is America , not China. I’ll get some 42 with or without Chinese.” I replied and turned to my mom for 43 .

“Remember to ask for fresh fish, Xin Xian Yu ,” she said ,handing over a $20 bill . I 44the words, running downstairs into the streets of Chinatown.

I found the fish 45 surrounded in a sea of customers. “I’d like to buy some fresh fish,” I should to the fishman. But he 46 my English words and turned to serve the next customer .The laugh of the people behind increased 47 their impatience. With every 48, the breath of the dragons (龙) on my back grew stronger—my blood boiling— 49 me to cry out . “ Xian Sheng Yu , please.” “Very Xian Sheng ,” I repeated .The crowd erupted into laughter . My face turned 50and I ran back home 51 , except for the $20 bill I held tightly in my pocket.

Should I laugh or cry? They’re Chinese. I should feel right at 52 . Instead , I was the joke , a disgrace (丢脸)to the language.

Sometimes, I laugh at my fish 53 , but , in the end, the joke is on 54. Every laugh is a culture 55 ; every laugh is my heritage (传统) fading away.

36. A. custom B. games C .characters D. language

37. A. ahead B. around C. along D. aside

38. A. when B. beforeC. unless D. until

39. A. success B. study C. time D. attempt

40. A. aim B. joke C. nod D. stare

41. A. cared about B. laughed at C. argued with D. asked after

42. A. right now B. from now C. at times D. in time

43. A. decision B. Permission C. information D. preparation

44. A. repeated B. reviewed C. spelled D. kept

45. A. farm B. stand C. pond D. market

46. A. guessed B. forget C. doubted D. ignored

47. A. by B. as C. with D. from

48. A. second B. effort C. desire D. movement

49. A. forcing B. allowing C. persuading D. leading

50. A. bright B. blank C. pale D. red

51. A. open-mouthed B. tongue-tied C. empty-handed D. broken-hearted

52. A. service B. home C. risk D. root

53. A. trade B. deed C. challenge D. incident

54. A. it B. us C. me D. them

55. A. thrown B. lost C. divided D. reflected


42. 答案A

【解析】由本句中I’ll get so me___ with or without Chinese.及联系下段可知,我想证明给我的叔叔看,我现在就能去唐人街买到鱼。right now意为“现在,立即”,符合语境。故选A项。。

43. 答案B


44. 答案A

【解析】由上句母亲话中的Xin Xian Yu及我没有学习汉语可以推断出:我为了防止忘掉要


45. 答案B


46. 答案D

【解析】由第二段中You can’t even buy a fish in Chinatown及本句中turned to serve the next customer可知,这个卖鱼人没有在意我说的话,即无视,不理睬。只有D项符合句意。

47. 答案C

【解析】本句中The laugh of the people behind increased表明我身后的人因为失去耐心而开始

笑起来。with impatience意为“因为不耐烦”。故选C项。

48. 答案A

【解析】由本段的第三句中turned to serve the next customer及本句中the breath of the dragon on my back grew stronger可知,当我再一次问的时候,我生气了。second表示“在一”的意思。故选A项。

49. 答案A

【解析】由本句中my blood boiling可知,我被激怒了,因此我强迫自己大声喊出我要买的东西。B、C、




F. Scott Fitzgerald, born on September 24, 1896, an American novelist, was once a student of St. Paul Academy, the Newman School and attended Princeton. Universityfor a short while. In 1917 he joined the army and was posted in Alabama, where he met his future wife Zelda Sayre. Then he had to make some money to impress her.

His life with her was full of great happiness, as he wrote in his diary:“ My own happiness in the past often approached such joy that I could share it even with the person dearest to me but had to walk it away in quiet streets and take down parts of it in my diary.”

This side of paradise, his first novel, was published in 1920. Encouraged by its success, Fitzgerald began to devote more time to his writing. Then he continued with the novel the Beautiful and Damned (1922), a collection of short stories Thales of the Jazz Age (1922), and a play The Vegetable (1923). But his greatest success was The Great Gatsby, published in 1925, which quick brought him praise from the literary world. Yet it failed to give him the needed financial security. Then, in 1926, he published another collection of short stories All the Sad Young Men.

However, Fitzgerald’s problems with his wife Zelda affected his writing. During the 1920s he tried to reorder his life, but failed. By 1930, his wife had her first breakdown and went to a Swiss clinic. During this period he completed novels Tender Is the Night in 1934 and The Love of the Last Tycoon in 1940. while his wife was in hospital in the United States, he got totally addicted to alcohol. Sheila Graham, his dear friend, helped him fight his alcoholism.

56. How many novels written by Fitzgerald are mentioned in the passage?[来源:Z|xx|k.Com]

A. 5 B. 6 C. 7 D. 8

57. Which of the following is the correct order to describe Fitzgerald’s life according to the passage?

a. He became addicted to drinking.

b. He studied at St. Paul Academy.

c. He published his first novel This Side of Paradise.

d. The Great Gatsby won high praise.

e. He failed to reorder his life.

f. He joined the army and met Zelda.

A. f-c-e-a-b-d B. b-e-a-f-c-d C. f-d-e-c-b-a D. b-f-c-d-e-a

58. We can infer from the passage that Fitzgerald .

A. had made some money when he met Zelda in Alabama.

B. was well educated and well off before he served in the army

C. would have completed more works if his wife hadn’t broken down

D. helped his friend get rid of drinking while his wife was in hospital

59. The passage is probably followed by a concluding paragraph about .

A. Zelda’s personal life

B. Zelda’s illness and treatment

C. Fitzgerald’s friendship with Graham

D. Fitzgerald’s contributions to the literary world


Forget Twitter and Facebook, Google and the Kindle. Television is still the most influential medium around. Indeed ,for many of the poorest regions(地区)of the world, it remains the next big thing——finally becomes globally available. And that is a good thing, because the TV revolution is changing lives for the better.

Across the developing world, around 45% of families had a TV in 1995; by 2005 the number had climbed above 60% . That is some way behind the U.S. , where are more TVs than people, a nd where people now easily get access to the Internet. Five million more families in sub-Saharan Africa will get a TV over the next five years. In 2005 , after the fall of the Taliban(塔利班),which had outlawed TV, 1 in 5 Afghans had one. The global total is another 150 million by 2013——pushing the numbers to well beyond two thirds of families.

Television’s most powerful effect will be on the lives of women. In India, researchers Robert Jensen and Emily Oster found that when TVs reached village s, women were more likely to go to the market without their husbands’ approval and less likely to want a boy rather than a girl. They were more likely to make decisions over child health care. TV is also a powerful medium for adult education. In the Indian state of Gujarat, Chitrageet is a popular show that plays Bollywood songs with words in Gujarati on the screen. Within six months, viewers had made a small but significant(有意义的) improvement in their reading skills.

Too much TV has been associated with violence, overweight and loneliness. However, TV is having a positive influence on the lives of billions worldwide.

60. The underlined word “outlawed” in paragraph 2 probably means “ ”.

A. allowed B. banned C. offered D. refused

61.Which of the following is TRUE according to the passage?

A. Americans used to get access to the Internet easily.

B. The world’s TV sets will total 150 million by 2013.

C.45% of families in the developing countries had a TV in 2005.

D. Over two thirds of families in the world will have a TV by 2013.

62. The author intends to .

A. stress the advantages of TV to people’s lives

B. persuade women to become more independent

C. encourage people to improve their reading skills

D. introduce the readers some websites such as Google

63. What would be the best title for the passage?

A.TV Will Rule the World B.TV Will Disturb the World

C.TV Will Better the World D.TV Will Remain in World

having a positive influence on the lives of billions worldwide.”可知,本文主要讲的是电视将会让人们生活越来越好。由此可知应选C项。


Businesses are witnessing a difficult time, which has in turn produced influence on consumers’ desire to go green. However, shoppers are still laying stress on environmental concerns.

Two thirds of customers say that environmental considerations inform their purchases to the same degree as they did a year ago, while more than a quarter say that they are now even better aware of the environmental effect on what they buy.

This may help to influence how shops store goods on their shelves. And the companies should still make efforts to become more environmentally friendly. Two out of three people think it is important to buy from environmentally responsible c ompanies, with about one in seven saying that they had even decided to take their custom elsewhere if they felt a company’s environmental reputation was not good enough.

Harry Morrison, chief executive(主管)of the Carbon Trust, sympathizes:“I understand this situation where survival is very important now. But from environmental considerations, the clock is ticking—we don’t have much time. In addition, cutting carbon has an immediate effect as costs drop and a medium-term benefit for the brand.”

Larger companies have an extra motivation to look at reducing their carbon footprint, as new rules next year will require businesses to buy carbon allowances to make up for their emissions(排放). Those that have taken early action will have a head start. More than two thirds of consumers are not clear about which companies are environmentally responsible. This suggests that firms that are able to relay clearly their message to the public will be in a pole position to attract shoppers.

The Carbon Trust believes that it can help by informing customers about the good work companies are doing. “When companies are granted(授予)the standard, they can use a logo(标识)in all their marketing which makes it clear that they are working towards cutting emissions,” Mr. Morrison said.

64.What’s the main idea of the passage?

A.Businesses are finding ways to send their message to the shoppers.

B.Companies will soon get information about cutting carbon emissions.

C.Firms are making efforts to encourage customers to keep goods at home.

D.Firms are urged to cut carbon emissions by shoppers’ environmental awareness.

65.The underlined word “inform” in Paragraph 2 probably means“ ”.

A.affect B.change C.disturb D.reject

66.According to Harry Morrison, businesses .

A.will benefit from cutting carbon emissions

B.should buy carbon allowances for shoppers

C.are required to make up for their carbon emissions

D.have encouraged shoppers to take their custom elsewhere

67 .We can learn from the passage that businesses will .

A.have a strong desire to reduce costs

B.use the same logo in their marketing

C.gain advantages by taking early action

D.attract more shoppers by storing goods


64.答案 D

【解析】主旨大意题。根据第一段最后一句“However, shoppers are still laying stress on environmental


Columbus College , 241 Queen Elizabeth Drive ,Kowloon City


To: All Staff

From:Jakie Mok , Secretary; Sports Development Committee

Date: May 20, 2010

A week ago, “Sports for Life” programme was sent to the parents, requiring them to select a sport they wanted their child to play. Since then, our staff have received lots of calls from parents asking for more information about it . Here is a memo (备忘录) for your reference when you answer the phones.

Sports 1:Basketball.

We expect that this will be the most popular of the four sports. Therefore, students should be advised to sign up as soon as possible . Students will take a private bus to and from Kwun Tong Sports Park .To cover the cost of hiring a bus , each student will have to pay $10 each time. There will be four basketball courts available for our use with one teacher watching over each game.

Sports 2:Gym

We will be using St. Peter’s Memorial Park. There are two reasons for choosing this park. Frist, it is not very busy and crowded before 6:00 pm. Second, it has lot of trees with plenty of shade. Students must bring along two bottles of water to prevent thirst. Three activities, skipping , jogging , outdoor aerobics (有氧运动),all of which are free of charge, will be arranged. And there will be a teacher on duty for each of the activities.

Sports 3: Hiking

Hiking(远足)will take place at Kowloon Peak. The activity will start at 2:30 pm and finish 90 minutes later. Three teachers will accompany the students, and a hiking instructor will accompany each group of 15 hikers . Each instructor will cost $75/hr. Students are advised to bring plenty of water and sunscreen.

Sports 4:Swimming

The Kowloon City Aquatic Centre is a 10-minute walk from our school. Four teachers will go to the pool and conduct the goings-on from the poolside. We will only be able to reserve the pool for one hour (i.e. 2:45pm to 3:45pm).Only students skilful at swimming can take up this activity. The pool will have two lifeguards present. Girls must wear a swimming suit. The cost is $10 per visit.

68. Which of the following is TRUE according to the passage?

A. Students selecting basketball had better register early.

B. Students participating in gym should arrive at 6:00 pm.

C. Hiking usually begins at 2:30 pm and lasts 2 hours.

D. Students having swimming suits can take up swimming.

69. It can be inferred from the passage that

A. students taking part in basket ball will walk to the courts.

B. every student can gain admission to one of the four sports

C. hiking students can have a regular rest in the shade of trees

D. students taking up the four sports should bring bottles of water

70. It can be concluded that

A. each sport will take only on hour sports

B. students will be charged for the four sports

C. all the sports will take place at Kowloon Peak

D. teachers will accompany students on each sport

71. The purpose of the memo is to

A. attract students’ interest in the programme

B. require the parents to select a sport for their child

C. help the staff explain the programme to the parents

D. remind teachers and lifeguards to be present on time



In the United States, there were some well-constructed houses for native Indians, ranging from the simple brush shelter to the five-storied pueblo.

In the eastern United States, one of the existing types was that commonly know under the Algonkian name of wigwam in which the Iroquois Indians lived. The wigwams were of wagon-top shape with straight sides and ends, made by bending young trees to form the round shape. Over this shape pieces of tree bark were laid to protect the Indians from bad weather. Over the bark dried grass was added. A small hole allowed smoke to escape from the top. Doorways at each end served also as windows, The Iroquois Indians built trunk walls all around their villages. The wall had only one opening, They could quickly close this opening if their enemies came near.

Interestingly, the Choctaw Indians in Mississippi also lived in a wigwam of a most primitive(原始的) construction, but different from those of the Iroquois Indians. The Choctaw Indians’ wigwams, made from mud, cane and straw, were in the form of a bee-hive. The covering was made of a long, tough grass. A post in the centre supported the roof. A hole in the top admitted the light, and allowed the smoke to pass out.

The tipi tent-housing of the upper lake and plains area was put up with poles set lightly in the ground, tied together near the top, and covered with bark and grass in the lake country. It was easily portable, and two women could set it up or take it down within an hour.

The Pawnee, Mandan and other Indian tribes (部落) along the Missouri built solid ring-shaped structures of trunk, covered with earth and dried grass, housing a dozen families.

The Wichita and other tribes of the Texas border built large ring-shaped houses covered with dried grass.

Apart from the regular housing, almost every tribe had some style of housing.

72.Which of the following pictures shows the house for the Iroquois Indians?

73. According to the passage, the Pawnee Indians built their houses _____.

A. with openings in the trunk walls B. large enough for several families

C. in a ring shape with bark and mud D. by bending young trees to form the shape

74. All the native Indian houses described in the passage were_____.

A. of the same shape B. covered with grass

C. built with a post in the centre D. built with doorways at each end

75. The passage suggests that ________

A. all the native Indians built trunk walls all around their houses

B. all the native Indian houses were built with poles tied together

C. the Iroquois Indians took safety into account while building their wigwams

D. the Choctaw Indians in Mississippi built their wigwams with straight sides and ends






Dear editor,

I am Evan from Canada. Being the eldest child in the family has its disadvantages. First of all, I have to share all my ______(玩具)with my younger sisters. Of course, they don’t n____ to return the favor because I’m totally uninterested in their things ._______(除……之外)that, they are always hanging around me. I just can’t get a moment’s p_____.

At meals, I have to eat whatever is _____the plate regardless of the taste. My sisters only try one bite if it’s not ______favorite food. In addition, w____ it comes to practicing our musical instruments, I have to practice______than double the time. Worst of all, I get a larger quantity of homework,_____(对比)to them.

I’m feeling rather annoyed. Can you please g_____ me some advice?

Yours truly

Evan Smith















【解析】句中of course及don’t…return可知,这里意为“我的妹妹们没有必要归回我的玩具”。故此处应 [来源:学_科_网Z_X_X_K]


假设你是李华,福建省某中学高中学生,今年暑假将前往澳大利亚参加主题为WATER FOR LIFE“的交流活动。请你以参访代表的身份,根据以下图片提示,用英语写一篇发言稿。


1. 根据图片的内容适当展开,以使行文连贯;

2. 开头与结尾已写好,不计入总词数;

3. 文中不能出现考生的具体信息;

4. 词数:120左右

参考词汇:短缺 shortage ; 资源 resource

Ladies and gentlemen,

Good morning, I’m Li Hua from Fujian, China, It’s my great honor to be here to say something about the global water shortage and ways of dealing with it.

__________________________________________________________ That’s all. Thank you.


Dear editor,

I am Evan from Canada. Being the eldest child in the family has its disadvantages. First of all, I have to share all my ______(玩具)with my younger sisters. Of course, they don’t n____ to return the favor because I’m totally uninterested in their things ._______(除……之外)that, they are always hanging around me. I just can’t get a moment’s p_____.

At meals, I have to eat whatever is _____the plate regardless of the taste .My sisters only try one bite if it’s not ______favorite food. In addition, w____ it comes to practicing our musical instruments,. I have to practice ______than double the time. Worst of all, I get a larger quantity of homework,_____(对比)to them.

I’m feeling rather annoyed. Can you please g_____ me some advice?

Yours truly

Evan Smith












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I听力 (共两节,满分35分)

第一节 听力理解(5段,共15小题;每小题2分,满分30分)



1.Why does the man want to borrow the women’s notes?

A .He missed the classes.

B.He is not satisfied with his notes.

C.He has not taken any notes in class.

2.When does the man feel sleepy?

A.On his way to class.

B.At the beginning of class.

C.Thirty minutes after class begins.

3.Where will the speakes go?

A.To the library.

B.To the cafeteria.

C.To the supermarket.


4.where will the man most probably find out about the company?

A.In the brochures

B. In the libtary

C. On the Internet.

5.Why will the company ask the man whether he is good for the job?

A.To know how he cares abuout the company

B.To know what he can contribute to the companuy

C. To know if he can make brochures for the company.

6.When can the man ask questions about the job?

A.At the end of the interview .

B.In the middle of the interview.

C.At the beginning of the interview.


7.What dose the man think of big parties?

A.They are nosiy.

B. They are boring.

C.They are interesting.

8.Why does the women like parties ?

A. They are the best way to meet people.

B. They are the times to meet her best friends.

C. They are the opportunites to find serious guys.

9.What is the propable relationship between the speakers?

A. Colleagues

B. Schoolmates

C. Teacher and student.


10.What made seaside holiday possible for British families around the mid-19th century?

A. Better railway services.

B. The invention of the railways

C. The fast growth of the railways

11.Why couldn’t ordinary working people goon holiday before 1871?

A. The had very little time off work.

B. Banks were closed during holidays.

C. The government was not interested in holidays.

12 . What was offered at the seaside to attract holidaymakers?

A. Free accommodation

B.Income rise.

C Cheap entertainment.


13 How does the man go to work ?

ABy car.

BBy bus.

CBy train.

14.How long will the man’s flight take?

A. About 15 hours.

B. About 16 hours

C. About 18 hours.

15.What does the man do in order to get to sleep on the plane?

A . He gets himself tired on the plane

B .He stays up late the day before the flight .

C .He takes medicine or has a beer on the plane.

第二节: 听取信息(共5小题;每小题1分,满分5分)

听下面一段独白,请根据题目要求,从所听到的内容中获取必要的信息,填入答题卡标号为16~20 的空格中。 听录音前,你将有10秒钟的阅题时间,录音读两遍。你将有60秒钟的作答时间。

Ronald Reagan



Important events

Other information


get a job as a radio(16)______announcer


became a movie actor

during the next 27 years

appeared in more than(17)______

Playing supporting rules as the hero’s friend

from 1954 to 1965

acted in some popular(18) ______

from 1966 to 1974

served as governor of California

from 1980 to 1988

served as president of the United States

the (19)_______ person to serve as U. S. president

after leaving the White House

retired to his (20)_______ in California


第一节 完形填空(共10小题;每小题2分,满分20分)


Every country has its own culture.

Even though each country uses doors. .Doors many have 21functions and purposes which lead to22differences.

When I first came to America, I noticed that a public building had two different23 and they had distiFnct functions. You have to push the door with the word “PUSH” to go out of the building and to pull the door with the word “PULL” to24the building. This was new to me, because we use the 25door in south Korea. For quite a few times I failed to go out of a shopping centre and was embarrassed.

The way of using school bus doors was also 26to me .I used to take the school bus to classes. The school decided that when the driver opened both the front and back doors, 27who were getting off the bus should get off first , and students who were getting on should get on 28. In south Korea, we do not need to wait for people to get off. One morning, I hurried to the bus ,and when the bus doors opened, I29_tried to get on the school bus through the front door. All the students around looked at me, I was totally30 ,and my face went red.

21. A.different B.important C.practical D.unusual


试题分析:从“lead to 22differences”可判断“不同功能导致-------不同”


温馨提示:A 不同的 B 重要的 C 实践的 D不寻常的

22. A.national B.embarrassing C.cultural D.amazing

23. A.exits B.entrances C.signs D.doors

24.A.enter B.leave C.open D.close


试题分析:从上文“push the door with the word “PUSH” to go out of the building”可知“the door with the word “PULL””是相反的


温馨提示:A 进入 B 离开 C打开 D 关闭

25. A.main B.same C.front D.back


试题分析:由上文 “came to America”, “This was new to me” 原因是在南韩和美国不同


温馨提示:A 重要的 B 相同的 C前面的 D 后面的

26.A.annoying B.hard C.satisfying D.strange




温馨提示:A讨厌的 B畏难的 C满意的 D陌生的

27.A.parents B.students C.teachers D.drivers


试题分析:由下文的并列句“students who were getting on 。。。。。。。”可以知道


温馨提示:A 父母 B学生 C老师 D司机

28.A.sooner B.later C.faster D.earlier


试题分析:由上文并列句 “——who were getting off the bus should get off first,” 可知


温馨提示:A 很快 B 较晚 C 较快 D 较早

29.A.politely B.patiently C.unconsciously D.slowly


试题分析:由上文 “In south Korea, we do not need to wait for people to get off” 可知作者在生活中已经养成了习惯,由生活常识知道,到美国后,就无意识的遵循以往的习惯。


温馨提示:A 礼貌地 B 耐心地 C 无意思地 D 慢慢地

30.A.embarrassed B.annoyed C.unsatisfied D.excited


试题分析:由下文 “my face went red.” 及 “For quite a few times I failed to go out of a shopping centre and was embarrassed.” 可知答案应是A


温馨提示:A 尴尬的 B 恼怒的 C 不满意的 D 兴奋的

第二节 语法填空 (共10笑题;每小题1.5分,满分15分)


A young man,while traveling through a desert,csme across a spring of clear water.____31____water was sweet.He filled his leather container so that he could bring some back to an elder ____32____ had been his teacher .After a four-day journey, the young man____33___.(present) the water to the old man. His teacher took a deep drink, smiled____34____(warm), and thanked his student very much for the sweet water.The young man went home____35_____a happy heart.

After the student left, the teacher let __36___student taste the water. He spit it out, __37___(say) it was awful. Apparently, it was no longer fresh because of the old leather container. He asked his teacher,” Sir, the water was awful. Why did you pretend to like ___38____?”

The teacher replied,” You tasted the water. I tasted the gift. The water was simply the container for an act of kindness and love. Nothing could be ___39___ (sweet).”

We understand this lesson best ____40___ we receive gifts of love from children. Whether it is a cheap pipe on a diamond necklace, the proper response is appreciation. We love the idea within the gift rather than the thing.

31. 答案:the

试题分析:由上文 a spring of clear water 第一次提到water下文——water 紧接着第二次特指



32. 答案:who




33. 答案:presented




34. 答案:warmly









试题分析:由student单数可知前面代数应指一个人,由下文“He asked his teacher”可知是另一个学生。



37. 答案:saying




38. 答案:it

试题分析:由上文 “the water was auful”可知,是问为什么假装喜欢水,水为不可数名词,由代词it代替



39. 答案:sweeter

试题分析:用nothing 与an act of kindness and love 相对比



40. 答案:that

试题分析:用同位语从句; 由that引导从句作 this lesson的同位语




第一节 阅读理解(共15小题;每小2分,满分30分)


When I was growing up in America, I was ashamed of my mother’s Chinese English. Because of her English, she was often treated unfairly. People in department stores, at banks, and at restaurants did not take her seriously ,did not give her good service ,pretended not to

Understand her ,or even acted as if they did not hear her .

My mother has realized the limitations of her English as well. When I was fifteen, she used to have me call people on phone to pretend I was she . I was forced to ask for information or even to yell at people who had been rude to her. One time I had to call her stockbroker (股票经纪人).I said in an adolescent voice that was not very convincing, “This is Mrs.Tan..”

And my mother was standing beside me ,whispering loudly, “Why he don’t send me cheek already two week lone.”

And then , in perfect English I said : “I’m getting rather concerned .You agreed to send the check two weeks ago, but it hasn’t arrived.”

Then she talked more loudly. “What he want? I come to New York tell him front of his boss.” And so I turned to the stockbroker again, “I can’t tolerate any more excuse. If I don’t receive the check immediately , I am going to have to speak to your manager when I am in New York next week.”

The next week we ended up in New York. While I was sitting there red-faced, my mother, the real Mrs.Tan, was shouting to his boss in her broken English.

When I was a teenager, my mother’s broken English embarrassed me. But now, I see it differently. To me, my mother’s English is perfectly clear, perfectly natural. It is my mother tongue. Her language, as I hear it, is vivid, direct, and full of observation and wisdom. It was the language that helped shape the way I saw things, expressed ideas, and made sense of the world.

41.Why was the author’s mother poorly served?

A.She was unable to speak good English.

B.She was often misunderstood.

C.She was not clearly heard.

D.She was not very polite.


试题分析:由文中Because of her English, she was often treated unfairly.可知



42.From Paragorph 2, we know that the author was .

A.good a pretending

B.rude to the stockbroker

C.ready to help her mother

D.unwilling to phone for her mother


试题分析:由文中 ‘I was forced to ask for information or even to yell at people who had been rude to her”可知



43.After the author made the phone call, .

A.they forgave the stockbroker

B.they failed to get the check

C.they went to New York immediately

D.they spoke to their boss at once


试题分析:由文中 “I said in an adolescent voice that was not very convincing” 及 “If I don’t receive the check immediately , I am going to have to speak to your manager when I am in New York next week.”和 “The next week we ended up in New York.” 可推断出答案



44.What does the author think of her mother’s English now?

A.It confuses her.

B.It embarrasses her.

C.It helps her understand the world.

D.It helps her tolerate rude people.


试题分析:由文中最后一段But now, I see it differently. To me,--------and made sense of the world.


45.We can inter from the passage that Chinese English .

A.is clear and natural to non-native speakers

B.is vivid and direct to non-native speakers

C.has a verv bad reputation in America

D.may bring inconvenience in America

45. 答案:D




When something goes wrong,it can be very satisfying to say,”Well,it’s so-and-so’s fault.”or “I know I’m late,but it’s not my fault;the car broke down.”It is probably not your fault,but once you form the habit of blaming somebody or something else for a bad situation,you are a loser. You have no power and could do nothing that helps change the situation. However,you can have great power over what happens to you if you stop focusing on whom to blame and start focusing on how to remedy the situation. This is the winner’s key to success.

Winners are great at overcoming problems. For example, if you were late because your car broke down, maybe youneed to have your car examined more regularly. Or, you might start to carry along with you the useful phone numbers, so you could call for help when in need. For another example, if your colleague causes you problems on the job for lack of responsibility or ability, find ways of dealing with his irresponsibility or inability rather than simply blamethe person. Ask to work with a different person, ordon’t rely on the person. You should accept that the person. Ask to work with a different person, or don’t rely on this person. You should accept that the person is not reliable and find creative ways to work successfully regardless of how your colleague failsto do his job well.

This is what being a winner is all about—creatively using your skills and talents so that you are successful no matter what happens. Winners don’t have fewer problems in their lives; they have just as many difficult situations to face as anybody else. They are just better at seeing those problems as challenges and opportunities to develop their own talents. So, stop focusing on “whose fault it is.” Once you are confident about your power over bad situations, problems are just stepping stop on for success.

46. According to the passage, winners .

A. deal with problems rather than blame others

B. meet with fewer difficulties in their lives

C. have responsible and able colleagues

D. blame themselves rather that others


试题分析:由第一段“However, you can have great power over what happens to you if you stop focusing on whom to blame and start focusing on how to remedy the situation.”可知


47.The underlined word remedy in Paragraph 1 is closest in meaning to .

A. avoid

B. accept

C. improve

D. consider




48.When your colleague brings about a problem, you should .

A. find a better way to handle the problem

B. blame him for his lack of responsibility

C. tell him to find the cause of the problem

D. ask a more able colleague for help

48. 答案:A

试题分析:由第二段if your colleague causes you problems on the job for lack of responsibility or ability, find ways of dealing with his irresponsibility or inability rather than simply blame the person.可知



49. When problems occur, winners take them as

A. excuses for their failures

B. barriers to greater power

C. challenges to their colleagues

D.chances for self-development

49. 答案:D

试题分析:文中最后一段. Winners don't have fewer problems in their lives; they have just as many difficult situation to face as anybody else.


易错提醒:易错选 C

50. Which of the following is the best title for the passage?

A. A Winner’s Secret. B. A Winner’s Problem.

C. A Winner’s Opportunity. D. A Winner’s Achievement.

50. 答案:A





Food sometimes gets poisoned with harmful things. A person who eats such food can get an illness called food poisoning. Food poisoning is usually not serious, but some types are deadly. The symptoms of food poisoning usually begin within hours of eating the poisoned food. Fever is one of the most common symptoms.

Certain microorganisms(微生物)cause most types of food poisoning. Bacteria and other microorganisms can poison eggs, meat, vegetables, and many other foods. After entering the body, these tiny living things release(释放)poisons that make people sick.

Some chemicals can also cause food poisoning. They are often added to food while it is being grown, processed, or prepared. For example, many farmers spray chemicals on crops to kill weeds and insects. Some people may have a bad reaction to those chemicals when they eat the crops.

Some plants and animals contain natural poisons that are harmful to people. These include certain kinds of seafood, grains, nuts, seeds, beans, and mushrooms.

When people handle food properly, the risk of food poisoning is very small. Microorganisms multiply rapidly in dirty places and in warm temperatures. This means that people should never touch food with dirty hands or put food on unwashed surfaces. Food should be kept in a refrigerator to stop microorganisms from growing. Meat needs to be cooked thoroughly to kill any dangerous microorganisms. People should also wash food covered with chemicals before eating it. Finally, people should not eat wild mushrooms or other foods that grow in the wild. Some of these foods may contain natural materials that are poisonous to humans. In addition, some types of fish can be poisonous.

Most people recover from food poisoning after a few days of resting and drinking extra water. If people eat natural poisons, they must go to the hospital right away to have their stomachs emptied.

51. Which of the following statements is NOT true?

A. Food when poisoned can make people sick.

B. Food poisoning means death.

C. Food poisoning comes in varieties.

D. Food poisoning can be serious.

51. 答案:B

试题分析:由第一段中 “Food poisoning is usually not serious, but some types are deadly.”可知



52.We know from the passage that the symptoms of food poisoning .

A.are always accompanied by a fever

B.are too common to be noted

C.can be noticed within hours

D.can he ignored

52. 答案:C




53.Food poisoning can be caused by all the following EXCEPT .

A.some chemicals

B.low temperatures

C.some tiny living things

D.certain natural materials

53. 答案:B

试题分析:由第五段Food should be kept in a refrigerator to stop microorganisms from gnawing.可知low temperatures不能导致Food poisoning



54.From Paragraph 5,we can learn that .

A.mushrooms should not be eaten

B.vegetables are safer than meat and seafood

C.natural poisons are more dangerous than chemicals

D.different types of food should be handled differently





55.It can be inferred from the passage that .

A.natural materials are safe in food processing

B.chemicals are needed in food processing

C.food poisoning can be kept under control

D.food poisoning is out of control

55. 答案:C




第二节 信息匹配(共5小题;每小题2分,满分10分)



A. B.

Harry Potter stars add A tour of discovering Normandy

magic to young rich.

C. D.

Do Hollywood stars Save Emergency Rooms

guarantee a film’s success? for emergencies.

E. F.

Her theories on children’s Jenny McCarthy and Jim

psychological problems Carrey, with Ms.McCarthy’s

created a sensation. son,in an anti-vaccine rally.


56.The debate has been raging for years over the safety of,and necessity for, childhood vaccinations, which has been so much so that it is termed“The Vaccine War”.The debate has only a few moments that might be inspiring to those who have been following this now familiar issue.


试题分析:由评论中"The Vaccine War".与F提示性文字anti-vaccine rally匹配得到

57.There are certainly benefits of using a star in a film.It makes the film easier to market. Stars also help sell more tickets and drive DVD sales, which are a big part of studio revenue However, a star does not guarantee success.The simple fact is that if you pay a star a greal deal of money for a film that people don’t want to see, then it won’t work.


试题分析:由评论中There are certainly benefits of using a star in a film与C中图片及文字stars gurrantee a film’s success

58.They are barely in their twenties and are already multimillionaires. At the age when many people are looking for their first job, the youngsters of The Sunday Times Rich List are buying country estates or jetting off to their overseas homes.Daniel Radcliffe, for example, who plays Harry Potter, has a fortune of ξ42 million, at 20.


试题分析:由 “who plays Harry Potter, has a fortune of ξ42 million, at 20.”与A图及提示文字全部匹配

59.Millions of jobless Americans, who might be suffering in anxiety and lacking a sense of security, are showing up at emergency rooms of state- owned hospitals, contributing to a longer waiting time and a higher risk of cursory treatment by overworked doctors and nurses.


试题分析:由 “are showing up at emergency rooms of state- owned hospitals” 与D中图片 emergency及提示文字相匹配

60.Alice Miller, a psychology expert, who died at 87 at home in Provence, France, on April 14, repositioned the family as a central place of abnormal psychological function with her theory that parental power and punishment lay at the root of nearly all human problems.


试题分析:由 “a central place of abnormal psychological function with her theory”与E中图片及文字相匹配




内 容:公共场所禁烟



目 标:所有室内公共场所无烟

措 施:张贴禁烟标志



(2)分 布:男性75%;女性:25%



二手烟:second-hand smoke










答案:My country begines to carry out the policy that prevents smoking in public buildings sinceJanuary 1st,2011.The main aim is to makeeverypublic rooms have no smoke by posting the sign of preventing smoking. There are 350 million people smoking recently, in which the male hold 75 percent and the female hold 25 percent. Because of these smokers, about540 million non-smokers are influenced. More than 100 thousand people per year die because of the second smoke.


高考考点:5句话写作 复合句及并列句的应用



In junior high school, one of my classmates, Ethan, was addicted to TV. This boy simply knew everything about such pop shows as Who’s the Boss?

Then one day Ethan’s mother made him an offer in order to draw him back to his school subjects. She promised that she would give him $200 if he could go a full month without watching any TV. None of us thought Ethan could do it, but he did quit TV. His mom paid him $200. He went out and bought a TV, the biggest he could find.

In recent years, hundreds of schools have carried out experiments with paying kids with cash for showing up or getting good grades. All school kids admire this trend. But it upsets adults. Teachers say that we are rewarding kids for doing what they should be doing of their own will.Psychologists warn that money can actually make kids perform worse by making the act of learning cheap. The debate has become a typical battle over why our kids are not learning at the rate they should be despite decades of reforms and budget increases.












答案:The passage is mainly about parents give money to their children so that they can show up or get good grades recently by the way of taking the example of Ethan and his mother.


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第一节(共5小题;每小题1. 5分,满分7. 5分)


1. What will the man probably do?

A. Take a rest.

B. Go to a party.

C. Meet his boss.

2. What do we know about the man?

A. He has been caught copying a report.

B. He is not free at the moment.

C. He won’t leave till the last minute.

3. What is the woman concerned about?

A. Her health.

B. Her character.

C. Her appearance.

4. What does the man mean?

A. The fridge will be fixed.

B. The room will be warmer.

C. The lights will be switched on.

5. What does the man imply?

A. The woman already has too many shoes.

B. The new shoes do not look good enough.

C. He doesn’t care where to put the new shoes.

第二节(共15小题;每小题1. 5分,满分22. 5分)



6. Why doesn’t the man want to fly?

A. He wants to enjoy the scenery.

B. He thinks it’s dangerous.

C. He likes taking the bus.

7. Which means of transport does the woman prefer?

A. The bus.

B. The train.

C. The car.


8.Why is the woman worried?

A. She doesn’t know what to read.

B. She hasn’t finished her task.

C. She has no time to write her book.

9. What do we know about the man?

A. He has been to Europe with the woman.

B. He has forgotten to write his reports.

C. He has finished reading all the books.


10. What helps to impress the interviewer in the first place?

A. Appropriate body language.

B. Excellent memory.

C. Natural voice.

11. What should the man do before the interview?

A. Practice handshaking.

B. Recite the answers to possible questions.

C. Get some information about the company.

12. What advice does the woman offer about the topic of salary?

A. Not to mention it at the first interview.

B. Not to bring it up in a roundabout way.

C. To let the interviewer mention it next time.


13. How does the man kill time?

A. By eating potato chips.

B. By watching TV.

C. By taking a walk.

14. What does the woman dislike?

A. The square.

B. The parks.

C. The city.

15. What does the man think is the most important?

A. Entertainment.

B. Income.

C. Quietness.

16. What do the man and woman disagreeon?

A. Whether the city needs a symbol.

B. Whether the amusement park should be built.

C. Whether the square is a good place for a walk.


17. What kind of English lessons does the speaker recommend?

A. Examination skills.

B. Reading and writing.

C. Listening and speaking.

18. How can a learner take the lessons when he is not online?

A. By using the downloaded sound files.

B. By making conversations with others.

C. By reviewing words, phrases and idioms.

19. What is mentioned as an advantage of the speaker’s online course?

A. It improves learners’ English skills quickly.

B. It offers learners better study methods.

C. It helps learners to make friends.

20. What’s the speaker’s idea about learning English?

A. Being confident in learning.

B. Learning English little by little.

C. Having clear learning goals.



例:To make members of a team perform better, the trainer first of all has to know

their and weaknesses.

A. strengths B. benefits C. techniques D. values



21. This restaurant has become popular for its wide of foods that suit all tastes and pockets.

A. division B. area C. range D. circle

答案: B   


解析:此题不仅考察学生对于四个选项的认知,更重要的是要理解句子的含义。“这家餐馆越来越出名是由于它做的各种各样的食物适应各种类型人群。”“a range of ”强调一个系列,而“a wide range of”意为“各种各样的”。正好符合题意。从句子结构来讲,这个句子属于典型的“从句套从句”。“for”引导原因状语从句,“that”引导定语从句。  

22. After the earthquake, the first thing the local government did was to provide for the homeless families.

A. accommodation B. occupation C. equipment D. furniture.

答案: D   



23. In this lecture, I can only give you a purely view of how we can live life to the full and make some suggestions about the future.

A. private B. personal C. unique D. different



解析:根据词义可以快速排除A和D。A表示“独特的”,D表示“不同的”,只有B和C比较接近。 “private”表示“私人的,私下的, “personal”表示“个人的”, personal view才能表示“个人观点”

24. Mistakes don’t just happen; they occur for a reason. Find out the reason and then making the mistake becomes .

A. favourable B. precious C. essential D. worthwhile



解析: “worthwhile”表示“值得的,有价值的”表示犯错误是值得的。A表示“喜爱的,赞同的”,B“珍贵的”C“本质的”,只要知道词义,并联系生活常识,该题还是很容易得出答案的。

25. If I find someone who looks like the suspect, my reaction will be to tell the police.

A. physical B. immediate C. sensitive D. sudden



解析:根据词义可得出答案。 “physical”表示“身体的”; “sudden”表示“突然的”; “sensitive”表示“敏感的”,只有 “immediate”表示“立刻,马上”,等同于 “at once”. 故选B

26. I wasn’t blaming anyone; I said errors like this could be avoided.

A. merely B. mostly C. rarely D. nearly

答案: A


解析:这道题可能会让一部分同学郁闷一小下。形近词的辨析历来是备受考试青睐的一种考法。乍一眼看上去,这四个词都是以ly结尾,又都是6个字母组成,实在难以辨识。此时的考生,需要冷静下来。分析这里的每个副词分别是由哪个形容词变化而来,而其形容词的含义实际上和其副词的含义相差无几。“most”(大部分),所以“mostly”(大部分地,通常地);“near”(临近)“nearly”(几乎)= almost; rare(稀有的)“rarely”(很少地,几乎不);“mere”(仅仅,只不过)“merely”(仅仅,只不过)。全句意思“我并没有责怪任何人,我只是说类似这种错误是可以避免的”。

27. Duty is an act or a course of action that people you to take by social customs, law or religion.

A. persuade B. request C. instruct D. expect

答案: D  


解析:expect sb. to do. “期待/希望某人做某事”。

28. Just as the clothes a person wears, the food he eats and the friends with whom he spends his time, his house his personality.

A. resembles B. strengthens C. reflects D. shapes

答案: C  


解析:“就好像一个人穿什么,吃什么,以及和什么样的人交往能反映人的个性一样,一个人的住房也是如此。”要选一个表示“反映”的词,就是reflect. “resemble” = look like; “strengthen”表示“加强,巩固”;“shape”作动词表示“塑形”.

29. Had he her promise, she would have made it to Yale University.

A. looked up to B. lived up to

C. kept up with D. come up with



解析:湖北每年考试的单选最后两题通常比较难。该题的难点不仅仅在于这四个词组的辨析,更主要的是考生要读得懂这个句子的意思。该句是典型的虚拟语气, “if” 引导的非真实条件句的倒装句,描述的事于过去事实是相反的。“如果她当年履行了自己的诺言,她就会进入耶鲁大学了。”look up to(抬头看,尊重)keep up with(跟上,追上)come up with(追赶上;想出;提出),只有live up to(履行,实行)符合题意。

30. It is illegal for a public official to ask people for gifts or money favors to them.

A. in preference to B. in place of

C. in agreement with D. in exchange for



解析:先理解短语的意思. In preference to(优先于);in place of(代替);in agreement with(同意,与…一致);in exchange for(交换)。其实辨析这几个介词短语的难度不大,只需要认识每一个短语中的核心词preference, exchange, place, agreement的意思即可,猜测较为容易。



通过笔者的观察,此次词汇题的难度和笔者所教授的新概念英语第二册难度相当,并且很多知识点,比如21题,22题,23题,25题的词汇,27题, 29题, 30题的短语和句型都是咱们新概念二册课堂上讲过的重点。其实,一本好的教材需要的不仅仅是大家的阅读,更重要的是要从中提炼出有用的语言点,反复咀嚼,消化,以达到运用自如的效果为最终目的。

第二节:完型填空(共20小题;每小题1. 5分,满分30分)


The passengers on the bus watched with sympathy as Susan made her way carefully up the steps. She paid the driver and then, using her hands to 31 the seats, settled in one of them.

It had been a year since Susan became blind. As the result of an accident she was suddenly thrown into a world of 32 . Susan’s husband Mark watched her 33 into hopelessness and he was 34 to use every possible means to help his wife.

Finally, Susan felt ready to 35 to her job, but how would she get there? She used to take the bus, but she was now too 36 to get around the city by herself. Mark 37 to ride the bus with Susan each morning and evening 38 she could manage it by herself.

For two weeks, Mark 39 Susan to and from work each day. He taught her how to rely on her other 40 , specifically her hearing, to determine where she was and how to adapt to her new 41 .

At last, Susan decided that she was ready to try the trip 42 . Monday morning arrived. Before she left, she hugged her husband 43 , her eyes filled with tears of gratitude(感激). She said good-bye and, for the first time, they went their 44 ways. Each day went perfectly, and a wild excitement 45 Susan. She was doing it!

On Friday morning, Susan took the bus to work 46 . As she was getting off the bus, the driver said, “Miss, I sure 47 you.” Curious, Susan asked the driver 48 .

“You know, every morning for the __49_week, a fine-looking gentleman in a military uniform has been standing across the corner watching you until you enter your office building safely, ” the bus driver said.

Tears of happiness poured down Susan’s cheeks. She was so lucky for he had given her a gift more powerful than_50_, that is the gift of love that can bring light where there is darkness.

31. A. touch B. grab C. count D. feel

32. A. weakness B. sickness C. darkness D. sadness

33. A. run B. sink C. jump D. step

34. A. inspired B. determined C. honored D. pleased

35. A. return B. adjust C. contribute D. stick

36. A. tired B. astonished C. depressed D. frightened

37. A. volunteered B. attempted C. continued D. struggled

38. A. when B. as C. until D. after

39. A. drove B. directed C. accompanied D. sent

40. A. feeling B. organs C. skills D. senses

41. A. position B. environment C. status D. role

42. A. on her own B. in person C. to her benefit D. on foot

43. A. politely B. calmly C. briefly D. tightly

44. A. opposite B. separate C. fixed D. lonely

45. A. took charge of B. took place of

C. took advantage of D. took hold of

46. A. as usual B. as a rule

C. as well D. as a consequence

47. A. respect B. envy C. know D. support

48. A. what B. how C. why D. who

49. A. past B. same C. first D. next

50. A. courage B. will C. sight D. wisdom

答案:31. D32. C 33. B 34. B35. A 36. D 37. A 38. C 39. C 40. D

41. B42. A 43. D 44. B 45. D 46. A 47. B 48. C 49. A 50. C

解析:今年的完形填空的文章原型来源于一片叫作“The Blind Bus Passenger”的文章。讲的是一个盲人乘客的故事。20道题的设置基本考察了学生对于文章的理解能力,和根据上下文理解单句的能力。期间也涉及到一些基本语法问题,比如从句,被动语态,固定搭配以及动词短语的选择。

比如31题,考生要知道盲人是看不见的,所有的动作都是靠摸索的,其实这是常识问题,据此可知应该选择“feel”(摸索,感知), 而不应该是“有目的”地去“touch”(触碰);

32 盲人陷入到黑暗的世界,这种表达在中文里面我们也使用,所以明显应该是“a world of darkness”;

33 单纯考察词汇,sink into hopeless, 描述人陷入到绝望之中,“sink”表示下沉,和人陷入绝望的状态是符合的。

34 be determined to do sth. 这是新概念二册中的重点句型,下决心做某事,当然你也可以用 make up one’s mind to do sth.

35 人残志不残,她想回到工作之中去,作返回来讲return 是一个不及物动词,因为选D。

36. 考察形容词。Frightened表示恐惧

37. volunteer表示志愿去帮助Susan,现在很流行志愿者,所以大家不会对这个词感到陌生。

38. Until在这里是连词,引导时间状语从句。状语从句是重点语法,大家要注意学习了

39. accompany表示“陪伴”,既然Mark是来帮助Susan的,显然就来陪伴她的

40. 盲人失去的是 “sight”实力,其它的sense(感觉)还是存在的

41. 简单的词汇辨析题,盲人需要适应的是新的environment(环境),而不是新的position(位置)等到

42. on one’s own表示“靠某人自己”本文一直都是在表扬这位盲人的毅力和坚持,希望能够靠自己来维持自己的正常生活。

43. 试想,拥抱自己的丈夫,而且是在分别的时候,感慨万千的时候,应该有的动作当然是 “tightly”(紧紧的),而不是其它的类似于politely(礼貌的)

44. 在接受了别人的帮助后,Susan终于要独自一人登上旅程了。他们各自走各自的路, “separate”表示“分别的”,其实她的背后有很多默默支持她的人,显然不是 “lonely”(孤独的)这样的词

45. take hold of(吸引); take place of(代替);take charge of(掌管);take advantage of(利用)

46. as usual(像往常一样),表示经常发生的动作再次发生

47. envy(嫉妒,羡慕)仔细阅读下面的文章,不难发现,司机是准备告诉Susan一个秘密。也就是要告诉她有很多人在默默地支持和关怀她。所以,根据上下文的理解,可以知道此刻司机是要表达一种羡慕嫉妒之情,也是对Susan的一种宽慰

48. 几个疑问词的选择,不难。

49. 在过于的几个星期中,英文应该是 “for the past week” “next”表示的是下周,还没发生的事情是不可能用完成时的,而且 “for”+一段时间,是现在完成时的时间状语标志

50. sight表示“视力”。文中指的是,Susan虽然失去了视力,但是获得了更多宝贵的东西。





It was a Sunday and the heavy storm had lasted all night. The morning after the storm, though, was beautiful: blue skies, warm air and a calm, inviting sea touching the shore gently.

My father realized it was a good day for fishing and invited my sister and me to go with him. I was only 14 and fishing had never been my thing, but I decided to go all the same. I’m so glad I did.

On the road to the harbour we could see the terrible destruction on the coast, but the harbour itself was in fairly good shape. After all, it was protected by the arms of a bay that had only one tiny channel to the sea. As we got on board, we noticed two big humps(脊背) in the distance.

On approaching them, we saw it was a mother whale with her baby. We couldn’t believe it ——there aren’t any whales along the coast here. The storm must have driven them across the ocean into the bay, in which the still water was so badly polluted that nothing could survive.

The little baby whale——actually as big as our boat——was obviously stuck and could not move. The mother dived under the water and came up suddenly, making big whirlpools(漩涡) and waves. ”She’s trying to help her baby, but on the wrong side, ”my father said. At this point, my father moved our boat in a semicircle to the other side and, heading the boat towards the baby whale, pushed it gently. With our several gentle pushes the big hump turned over and disappeared under water. Then it swam up right beside its mum. They struggled in their desperate attempts to escape but missed the exit and started heading in the wrong direction. We hurried up to the whales and tried to lead them towards the bay channel. Slowly, they let us lead them, some-times rising from the water right beside us to breathe——and to give us a trusting look with those huge eyes. Once they hit their first part of clean water flowing straight from the sea, the mum gave us a wave with her tail and off they swam into the distance.

In the excitement it had felt like only a few minutes, but we had been with those wonderful animals for almost an hour and a half. That was the simple and lasting beauty of the day, Nearly four decades later, I still look back fondly to that golden day at sea.

51. The author says “I’m so glad I did. ”(in Para. 2)because __________.

A. he witnessed the whole process of fishing

B. he enjoyed the beauty of the calm sea

C. he experienced the rescue of the whales

D. he spent the weekend with his family

52. The harbour survived the storm owing to____________.

A. the shape of the harbour

B. the arms of the bay

C. the still water in the channel

D. the long coast line

53. The mother whale failed to help her baby because__________.

A. she had stayed in the polluted water for too long

B. the whirlpools she had made were not big enough

C. she had no other whales around to turn to for help

D. the waves pushed her baby in the wrong direction

54. what is the theme of the story?

A. Saving lives brings people a sense of happiness

B. Fishing provides excitement for children

C. It’s necessary to live in harmony with animals

D. It’s vital to protect the environment

51. 答案:C


解析: “I’m so glad I did”是个承上启下的句子,为后文做了铺垫。只要读懂后文所讲的内容,简单概括一下,不难得出答案

52. 答案:B


解析:从 “it was protected by the arms of a bay that had only one tiny channel to the sea. As we got on board, we noticed two big humps(脊背) in the distance. ”可以得出答案

53. 答案:D


解析:从 “She’s trying to help her baby, but on the wrong side, ” 可以得出答案

54. 答案:A




For many parents, raising a teenager is like fighting a long war, but years go by without any clear winner. Like a border conflict between neighboring countries, the parent-teen war is about boundaries: Where is the line between what I control and what you do?

Both sides want peace, but neither feels it has any power to stop the conflict. In part, this is because neither is willing to admit any responsibility for starting it. From the parents’ point of view, the only cause of their fight is their adolescents’ complete unreasonableness. And of course. theteens see it in exactly the same way, except oppositely. Both feel trapped

In this article. I’ll describe three no-win situations that commonly arise between teens and parents and then suggest some ways out of the trap. The first no-win situation is quarrels over unimportant things. Examples include the color of the teen’s hair, the cleanliness of the bedroom, the preferred style of clothing, the child’s failure to eat a good breakfast before school, or his tendency to sleep until noon on the weekends. Second, blaming. The goal of a blaming battle is to make the other admit that his bad attitude is the reason why everything goes wrong. Third, needing to be right, It doesn’t matter what the topic is –politics. The taws of physics, or the proper way to break an egg –the point of these arguments is to prove that you are right and the other person is wrong. for both wish to be considered an authority—someone who actually knows something — andtherefore to command respect. Unfortunately, as long as long as parents and teens continue to assume that they know more than the other, they’ll continue to fight these battles forever and never make any real progress

55. Why does the author compare the parent-teen war to a border conflict?

A. Both can continue for generations.

B. Both are about where to draw the line

C. Neither has any clear winner

D. Neither can be put to an end

56. What does the underlined part in Paragraph 2 mean?

A. The teens blame their parents for starting the conflict.

B. The teens agree with their parents on the cause of the conflict

C. The teens cause their parents of misleading them

D. The teens tend to have a full understanding of their parents

57. Parents and teens want to be right because they want to ________.

A. give orders to the other

B. know more than the other

C. gain respect from the other

D. get the other to behave properly

58. What will the author most probably discuss in the paragraph that follows?

A. Causesfor the parent –teen conflicts

B. Examples of the parent –teen war.

C. Solutions for the parent –teen problems

D. Future of the parent-teen relationship

55. 答案:B


解析:从 “Like a border conflict between neighboring countries, the parent-teen war is about boundaries: Where is the line between what I control and what you do?”可以得出答案

56. 答案:A


解析:从 “In part, this is because neither is willing to admit any responsibility for starting it. From the parents’ point of view, the only cause of their fight is their adolescents’ complete unreasonableness. ”和 “except oppositely”可以得出答案

57. 答案:C


解析:题干的关键词是want to be right because,回原文定位到最后一个自然段的“Third, needing to be right”. 原文接着往下看“It doesn’t matter what the topic is – politics, the laws of physics, or the proper way to break an egg - the point of these arguments is to prove that you areright and the other person is wrong, for both wish to be considered an authority – someone who actually knows something – and therefore to command respect. ”这句话虽然看起来很复杂,但在新概念的课堂上老师们反复强调阅读长难句时,如果遇到插入语可以跳过不看,这里破折号中间的内容均为插入语,将其省略,句子就会变得简单的多。又由于题干是对原因的提问,这里我们只用重点看for后面的内容,“for both wish to be considered an authority and therefore to command respect”,正确答案为C。

58. 答案:C


解析:原文第三段说 “In this article. I’ll describe three no-win situations that commonly arise between teens and parents and then suggest some ways out of the trap. ”清楚地说明了文章的结构,先分类阐述家长与孩子之间矛盾的三种情况,然后给出解决方法,因此答案为C


They wear the latest fashions with the most up-to-date accessories (配饰). Yet these are girls in their teens or twenties but women in their sixties and seventies. A generation which would once only wear old-fashioned clothes is now favoring the same high street looks worn by those half their age.

Professor Julia Twigg, a social policy expert, said, “Women over 75 are now shopping for clothes more frequently than they did when they were young in the 1960s. In the 1960s buying a coat for a woman was a serious matter. It was an expensive item that they would purchase only every three or four years — now you can pick one up at the supermarket whenever you wish to. Fashion is a lot cheaper and people get tired of things more quickly. ”

Professor Twigg analyzed family expending(支出)data and found that while the percentage of spending on clothes and shoes by women had stayed around the same—and 5 or 6 per cent of spending—the amount of clothes bought had risen sharply.

The professor said, “Clothes are now 70 per cent cheaper than they were in the 1960s because of the huge expansion of production in the Far East. In the 1960s Leeds was the heart of the British fashion industry and that was where most of the clothes came from, but now almost all of our clothes are sourced elsewhere. Everyone is buying more clothes but in general we are not spending more money on them. ”

Fashion designer Angela Barnard, who runs her own fashion business in London, said older women were much more affected by celebrity(名流) style than in previous years.

She said, “When people see stars such as Judi Dench and Helen Mirren looking attractive and fashionable in their sixties, they want to follow them. Older women are much more aware of celebrities. There’s also the boom in TV programmes showing people how they can change their look, and many of my older customers do yoga to stay in shape well in their fifties. When I started my business a few years ago, my older customers tended to be very rich, but now they are what I would call ordinary women. My own mother is 61 and she wears the latest fashions in a way she would never have done ten years ago. ”

59. Professor Twigg found that, compared with the 1960s, _______.

A. the price of clothes has generally fallen by 70%

B. the spending on clothes has increased by 5% or 6%

C. people spend 30% less than they did on clothes

D. the amount of clothes bought has risen by 5% or 6%

60. What can we learn about old women in terms of fashion?

A. They are often ignored by fashion designers.

B. They are now more easily influenced by stars.

C. They are regarded as pioneers in the latest fashion.

D. They are more interested in clothes because of their old age.

61. It can be concluded that old women tend to wear the latest fashions today mainly because

A. they get tired of things more quickly

B. TV shows teach them how to change their look

C. they are in much better shape now

D. clothes are much cheaper than before

62. Which is the best possible title of the passage?

A. Age Is No Barrier for Fashion Fans

B. The More Fashionable, the Less Expensive

C. Unexpected Changes in Fashion

D. Boom of the British Fashion Industry

59. 答案:A


解析:从 “The professor said, “Clothes are now 70 per cent cheaper than they were in the 1960s because of the huge expansion of production in the Far East. In the 1960s”可以得出答案

60. 答案:B


解析:从 “When people see stars such as Judi Dench and Helen Mirren looking attractive and fashionable in their sixties, they want to follow them. Older women are much more aware of celebrities. ”可以推断出答案

61. 答案:D

62. 答案:A



This brief book is aimed at high school students, but speaks to anyone learning at any stage of life.

Its formal, serious style closely matches its content, a school-masterly book on schooling. The author, W. H. Armstrong, starts with the basics: reading and writing. In his opinion, reading doesn’t just mean recognizing each word on the page; it means taking in the information, digesting it and incorporating it into oneself just as one digests a sandwich and makes it a part of him. The goal is to bring the information back to life, not just to treat it as dead facts on paper from dead trees. Reading and writing cannot be completely separated from each other; in fact, the aim of reading is to express the information you have got from the text. I’ve seen it again and again :some-one who can’t express an idea after reading a text is just as ineffective as someone who hasn’t read it at all.

Only a third of the book remains after that discussion, which Armstrong devotes to specific tips for studying languages, math, science and history. He generally handles these topics thoroughly(透彻地) and equally, except for some weakness in the science and math sections and a bit too much passion(激情) regarding history to his students, that was a hundred times more than my history teachers ever got across. To my disappointment, in this part of the book he ignores the arts. As a matter of fact, they demand all the concentration and study that math and science do, though the study differs slightly in kind. Although it’s commonly believed that the arts can only be naturally acquired, actually, learning the arts is no more natural than learning French or mathematics.

My other comment is that the text aged. The first edition apparently dates to the 1960s—none of the references(参考文献)seem newer than the late 1950s. As a result, the discussion misses the entire computer age.

These are small points, though, and don’t affect the main discussion. I recommend it to any student and any teacher, including the self-taught student.

63. According to Armstrong, the goal of reading is to________.

A. gain knowledge and expand one’s view

B. understand the meaning between the lines

C. experts ideas based on what one has read

D. gets information and keeps it alive in memory

64. The author of the passage insists that learning the arts_________.

A. requires great efforts

B. demands real passion

C. is less natural than learning maths

D. is as natural as learning a language

65. What is a shortcoming of Armstrong’s work according to the author?

A. Some ideas are slightly contradictory.

B. There is too much discussion on studying science.

C. The style is too serious.

D. It lacks new information.

66. This passage can be classified as________.

A. an advertisement

B. a book review

C. a feature story

D. A news report

63. 答案:C


解析:题干的关键词是goal of reading,回原文定位到第二自然段,第二自然段有两处出现了关键词,一处说“The goal is to bring the information back to life, not just to treat it as dead facts on paper from dead trees. ”,另一处说“the aim of reading is to express the information you have got from the text. ” C选项正好与第二处原文相呼应,题干里的goal of reading呼应原文的aim of reading,C项的express ideas呼应原文的express the information,based on what one has read呼应原文的information you have got from the text。虽然我们不可否认读书的目的也包括A和D两个选项提到的获取知识,扩大视野,但由于原文没有提及,所以不能成为正确选项。

64. 答案:A

65. 答案:D



66. 答案:B


解析:通过阅读每段的首句,不难发现第一自然段讲本书的写作对象(This brief book is aimed at high school students),二、三自然段讲本书的写作内容(The author, W. H. Armstrong, starts with the basics … only a third of the book remains after that discussion …),第四自然段是作者对本书的评价(My other comment is that …),最后一段总结,向读者推荐这本书(I recommend it to any student and any teacher)。把握住了全文的结构,就不难看出这篇文章是一篇书评了。因此正确答案为B。


Have you winterized your horse yet? Even though global warming may have made our climate more mild, many animals are still hibernating(冬眠). It’s too bad that humans can’t hibernate. In fact, as a species, we almost did.

Apparently, at times in the past, peasants in France liked a semi-state of human hibernation. So writes Graham Robb, a British scholar who has studied the sleeping habits of the French peasants. As soon as the weather turned cold people all over France shut themselves away and practiced the forgotten art of doing nothing at all for months on end.

In line with this, Jeff Warren, a producer at CBC Radio’s The Current, tells us that the way we sleep has changed fundamentally since the invention of artificial(人造的) lighting and the electric bulb.

When historians began studying texts of the Middle Ages, they noticed something referred to as “first sleep”, which was not clarified, though. Now scientists are telling us our ancestors most likely slept in separate periods. The business of eight hours’ uninterrupted sleep is a modern invention.

In the past, without the artificial light of the city to bathe in, humans went to sleep when it became dark and then woke themselves around midnight. The late night period was known as ”The Watch” It was when people actually kept watch against wild animals, although many of them simply moved around or visited family and neighbours.

According to some sleep researchers, a short period of insomnia(失眠) at midnight is not a disorder. It is normal. Humans can experience another state of consciousness around their sleeping, which occurs in the brief period before we fall asleep or wake ourselves in the morning. This period can be an extraordinarily creative time for some people. The impressive inventor, Thomas Edison, used this state to hit upon many of his new ideas.

Playing with your sleep rhythms can be adventurous, as anxiety may set in. Medical science doesn’t help much in this case. It offers us medicines for a full night’s continuous sleep, which sounds natural; however, according to Warren’s theory,it is really the opposite of what we need.

67. The example of the French peasants shows the fact that________.

A. people might become lazy as a result of too much sleep

B. there were signs of hibernation in human sleeping habits

C. people tended to sleep more peacefully in cold weather

D. winter was a season for people to sleep for months on end

68. The late night was called “The Watch” because it was a time for people______.

A. to set traps to catch animals

B. to wake up their family and neighbours

C. to remind others of the time

D. to guard against possible dangers

69. What does the author advise people to do?

A. Sleep in the way animals do.

B. Consult a doctor if they can’t sleep.

C. Follow their natural sleep rhythm.

D. Keep to the eight-hour sleep pattern.

70. What is the author’s purpose in writing the passage?

A. To give a prescription for insomnia.

B. To urge people to sleep less.

C. To analyze the sleep pattern of modern people.

D. To throw new light on human sleep.

67. 答案:B


解析:本题是对“论点—论据”的考查,即考查该事例用来证明何种观点。题干的关键词是example of the French peasants,回原文定位到第二自然段。该论据与第一自然段的论点之间有一个衔接过渡句,In fact, as a species, we almost did. 这里的did指代上文提到的hibernate,因此本题正确答案为B。

68. 答案:D


解析:从 “It was when people actually kept watch against wild animals, although many of them simply moved around or visited family and neighbours. ”可得出答案

69. 答案C


解析:从 “Playing with your sleep rhythms can be adventurous, as anxiety may set in “可以得出答案

70. 答案:D



第一节:完成句子(共10小题;每小题1. 5分,满分15分)


例:We (起床)before dawn.It was still dark outside.(get)

答案:got up

71. Only if people of all the countries are united ________(我们才能解决)the existing problems in the world. (solve)

71.答案:will we be able to solve/can we solve.


解析:only位于句首修饰状语从句要倒装。根据“主将从现”的原则可以确认主句的助动词是 “will”,或者使用情态动词 “can”

72. ________(油漆成)red, the building stands out among the rest and looks very attractive. (paint)

72. 答案:“painted”。


解析:过去分词作状语,主语 “the building”是动作 “paint”的作用对象

73. ________(不会用)a computer makes it more difficult for him to do his academic research. (use)

73. 答案:Not being able to use/ Being unable to use/ Not being capable of using/ Being incapable of using


解析:不会用”可以翻译成“not be able to use”,“be unable to use”,“be capable of using”,“be incapable of using”,动名词化后,得出答案

74. The news ________(房价将要下跌)has caused many people to sell their houses at lower prices. (fall)

74. 答案:that the housing price will fall


解析:用“that”引导同位语从句,“房价”译成“housing price”。

75. After she completes the project, she’ll have ________(没什么要担心的). (worry)

75. 答案:nothing to worry about  



76. Mr. Johnson insisted that the problem worthy of attention ________ (讨论) at the meeting. (discuss)

76. 答案:(should) be discussed  


解析: “insist”引导的宾语从句要用虚拟,从句结构是“should”(可省略)加动词原形,主语“problem”是要“被讨论”。

77. My mother was so proud of all ________(我所做的)that she rewarded me with a trip to Beijing. (do)

77. 答案:that I had done


解析:先行词是 “all”的时候,定语从句只能由 “that”引导,又因为主句是一般过去时,“我”所做的事情是过去已经完成的事情,所以要用过去完成时。

78. Last night’s TV news said that by then the death of the missing people ________(未证实)yet. (prove)

78. 答案: had not been proved


79. It’s said that they have swum to the island from the continent, but they ________(不可能做到)because the ocean in between is too wide. (do)

79. 答案:can’t/ couldn’t have done it


解析:当要对过去进行肯定的推测时,要用 “can’t/couldn’t+have+done”的结构

80. ________(正如我们强调的那样)many times, “serve the people” is our first policy. (stress)

80. 答案:As we have stressed


解析:当句子以整个主句作为先行词,又放在主句前的非限定性定语从句只能由 “as”来引导,主句的内容作定语从句谓语动词的宾语



The best example of universally understood body language may be the smile. A smile can help us get through difficult situation and find friends in a world of strangers. A smile can open doors and tear down walls.




No body language can be more attractive/ fascinating than smiling. Not only can a beautiful smile make ourselves happy, but also it enables others to feel delighted. Sometimes when a smile is so powerful that it gives people suffering from disasters great courage.

A little boy named Lang Zheng, for instance, impressed and encouraged a great many people when a serious earthquake happened in Wen Chuan/over took Wen Chuan. Right after he was rescued by the soldiers from the ruins, he saluted and smiled to them. His smile was like sunshine which warmed people who were in sadness.

It is safe/ no exaggeration to say that without smile our life would be colorless and difficult. It is suggested that we smile as much as possible.