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  杨梅[yáng méi]


  waxberry; [植] red bayberry; wax myrtle; Myrica rubra



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  The properties of edible arbutus pigment are studied in the paper. www.dictall.com2杨梅发酵酒和杨梅清果汁经复配制成低度杨梅果酒。

  Low alcohol red bayberry wine made from red bayberry fermentation wine andits juice was studied in this paper. www.dictall.com3目的:研究二氢杨梅素对糖耐量异常大鼠氧化和非酶糖基化的影响。

  To study the influence of dihydromyricetin on the oxidation and non-enzymatic glycosylation in impaired glucose tolerance rats. xuebao.jlu.edu.cn4研究培养菌液的浓度对杨梅黄素抑菌作用的影响。

  In addition, the influence on the activity of myricetin by theconcentration of liquid bacterial germ was investigated. www.chazidian.com5目的研究杨梅素的抗过敏作用。

  Objective To study antianaphylaxis activities of myricetin. www.dictall.com6属于杨梅属的任何灌木或小树,有芬芳的树叶和小的蜡涂层的浆果。

  Any shrub or small tree of the genus Myrica with aromatic foliage and smallwax-coated berries. www.dictall.com7东魁杨梅树叶和果实精油成分的比较与分析

  Comparison and Analysis of Chemical Constituents in Volatile Oils fromMyrica rubra Fruit and Leaves www.dictall.com8一种绿色芳香的蜡,从杨梅属植物中获取,用于制蜡烛。

  A fragrant green wax obtained from the wax myrtle and used in makingcandles. www.dictall.com9老师为杨梅的进步对她进行了表扬。

  The teacher praised Yang Mei for her progress. www.ruiwen.com10干型杨梅果酒的总酸含量影响酒的质量。

  High total acids content in dry waxberry fruit wine would deteriorate winequality. www.dictall.com11目的:以杨梅为原料,探讨杨梅果醋及果醋饮料生产工艺条件。

  Objective: The production processing of waxberry vinegar and waxberrybeverage was discussed in this paper. www.dictall.com12任何属于杨梅属的常青的灌木,分布在欧洲和美洲的温带地区。

  Any of several evergreen shrubs of the genus Arbutus of temperate Europeand America. www.dictall.com13保鲜剂对杨梅果实耐藏性的影响研究

  Study of Preservative Treatmemt on the Storage of Red Bayberry www.dictall.com14超声波辅助提取杨梅果实中黄酮类化合物的工艺研究

  Ultrasonic-assisted Extraction of Flavonoids from Waxberry Fruit www.dictall.com15观察并比较杨梅素滴丸与杨梅素分散片的抗血栓作用。

  To observe and compare the antithrombotic effects of myricetin dispersibletablets and myricetin dripping pills. www.dictall.com16温度对杨梅果实采后营养物质变化和腐烂的影响

  Effects of Storage Temperature on Changes of Nutritional Composition andDecay Rate in Fruit of Red Bayberry www.dictall.com17以麦芽糖醇与蛋白糖复配代替传统的蔗糖,采用真空渗透方法研制无糖杨梅蜜饯。

  Sucrose was replaced with maltitol and asparatame, sugar-free glazedwaxberry is developed with the method of vacuuming penetration. www.dictall.com18芦橘杨梅次第新。

  Tangerines and waxberries consecutively can be found. provided by jukuu19采用该方法进行降酸,干型杨梅果酒中总酸含量可达到感官要求,产品的色泽、风味良好。

  Such method could effectively decrease acid content and make total acidscontent in wine meet sensory requirements. www.lmst.com.cn20人为干扰对杨梅和毛竹林分空间结构和物种多样性的影响

  Effects of Artificial Disturbance on Spatial Structure and SpeciesDiversity in Myrica Rubra Forest and Phyllostachys Pubescens Forest www.dictall.com21杨梅果实采后生物学和贮运保鲜技术研究进展

  Advances in postharvest biology and handling of red bayberry duringstorage, transportation and distribution www.dictall.com22继而是肠胃方面的病痛,比如带血喷射腹泻。要止泻治痢,请用中国民间土方&杨梅酒。

  To arrest diarrhea and treat dysentery, please take red BayBerry wine, aChinese folk recipe. www.dictall.com23研究从毛杨梅树皮中提取杨梅醇的工艺条件及用HPLC法测定其含量的色谱条件。

  The extraction conditions of myricanol in Myrica esculenta bark werestudied and its content was determined by HPLC. www.dictall.com24基于光谱技术的杨梅汁品种快速鉴别方法的研究

  Fast Discrimination of Varieties of Bayberry Juice Based on SpectroscopyTechnology www.dictall.com25的杨梅栲胶进行鞣革对比试验,结果表明:渗透速度与栲胶的单宁含量不成正比关系。

  The result shows that the penetration rate into pelt isn't directproportion to tannin content. tech.zidian8.com26我镇的传统产品&杨梅具有果大、味甜、核小之特点,已实现了鲜梅远销海外。

  Our traditional product, waxberry is sold well in international market withsweet and small kernel. provided by jukuu27水杨酸和脱落酸对甜樱桃保鲜效果的影响我镇的传统产品&杨梅具有果大、甜、小之特点,已实现了鲜梅远销海外。

  Effect of SA and ABA on Storage of Sweet Cherry Our traditional product,waxberry is sold well in international market with sweet and small kernel.www.dictall.com28结论:杨梅多酚对血小板损伤可起到治疗作用。

  Conclusion: it is suggested that BPP has a therapeutic effect on plateletdamage. provided by jukuu29杨梅汁清除自由基及抑制油脂氧化作用的研究

  Study on the ability of scavenging radical and inhibiting lipid oxidizationof bayberry juice www.dictall.com30GC-MS联用分析三个品种杨梅树叶的挥发油组分

  GC-MS analysis of volatile components from leaves of different Myrica rubra


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  杨梅疮 syphilis;

  杨梅苷 myricetrin; arbutin; ericalin; ursin;

  杨梅黄酮 myricetin;

  杨梅科 Myrica ceas;

  杨梅皮 bayberry bark;

  杨梅舌 strawberry-like tongue;

  杨梅醛 strawberry aldehyde;

  杨梅树 strawberry tree